Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ratings 11/12/13: Not a good sign for 'The Chase'

Source: SonoftheBronx Twitter (Douglas Pucci)

The Chase, in its second week of new episodes for the second season received 433,000 viewers, down 4 percent from the November 5th Season Premiere.

Douglas Pucci also posted other numbers from yesterday (November 12th): Catch 21 at 2pm had 510,000 viewers, The Pyramid at 2:30pm had 522,000 viewers, Chain Reaction at 3pm had 478,000 viewers and Family Feud (Harvey) at 6:30pm with 522,000 viewers.

Some very, very great numbers in daytime for the 2 & 3pm hours, where Steve Harvey's Family Feud had a good number too. My concern is the fact that reruns of old originals and Feud are doing better than The Chase. At least The Chase had a sustainable number (for the new run, 9pm not released yet). Other than that, mid-daytime reruns are doing better than a new primetime original.

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  1. The chances of a season 3 of The Chase are getting slimmer. Catch 21, The Pyramid, and Chain Reaction are doing extremely well, hopefully those shows could get some improved timeslots and reduce 4pm-6pm Feud.

  2. Why won't GSN ever learn? If they made the Chase a smaller half hour show it would do just fine. I bet they wish they spent as little as they did on Catch 21 or Chain Reaction. Those shows keep getting good ratings.

  3. The Chase is built for an hour. It's going to stay an hour.

    The only good sign for The Chase is the fact from last week, this new episode only dropped 4%. Also, The Chase (most likely) rose from its lead-in.

  4. I'm glad you know so much that you can say it's built for an hour. It's going to stay an hour. My point was GSN has had its best success with shows like this that are half hours that can be shown over and over again. They cost less and in the long run do much better. I wasn't saying it's going to change. But thank you for your always incredibly intelligent analysis.

  5. We'll see if half-hour game shows are a success again once Mind of a Man comes around. I hope they are.

  6. No. We'll see if THAT show is a success. It could be good, it could be bad. The numbers consistently show that half hour shows that GSN can run again and again are their most successful. If The Chase had been formatted like Catch 21 or Chain Reaction, it would be on every day and develop an audience. If Mind of a Man is good, it'll have that chance. If not, it won't. I'm not expecting much since comedy shows don't work on GSN. The problem is the brilliant people running the network don't realize that.

  7. I'll completely agree with you by saying Catch 21, Chain Reaction, The Pyramid, Lingo etc. have much better rerun values in the long term.

    Though, GSN should keep trying both weekly, hour-long originals and in edition, weekly half-hour originals (where two to four 30 minute episodes are shown a week).

    I think after The Chase ends it's second season in January, with a third season or not, those sixteen episodes will still have more rerun value than American Bible Challenge, giving that a casual viewer will not remember the outcome of every 'Chase' episode

  8. American Bible Challenge is the highest rated original in GSN history. It is far more valuable than the Chase, even if it can't rerun as often. In addition, you should learn the difference between "edition" and "addition." They're not even pronounced the same.