Saturday, November 9, 2013

Let's Talk Ratings (October 28-November 3)

For the month of October, here are the primetime/total day averages for the whole month:

September 30-October 6: 311K/252K
October 7-13: 270K/232K
October 14-20: 311K/259K
October 21-27: 342K/258K
October 28-November 3: 333K/266K

A great improvement overall at the end of the month in the most recent week and the later two primetime weeks are also impressive without new runs of American Bible Challenge and The Chase around on the schedule.

Primetime figures:
106FAMILY FEUDMon7:00 PM - 7:29 PM300.2279
82FAMILY FEUDMon7:30 PM - 7:59 PM300.2310
102FAMILY FEUDMon8:00 PM - 8:29 PM300.2281
157FAMILY FEUDMon8:30 PM - 8:59 PM300.2224
111FAMILY FEUDMon9:00 PM - 9:29 PM300.2276
143FAMILY FEUDMon9:30 PM - 9:59 PM300.2242
206FAMILY FEUDMon10:00 PM - 10:29 PM300.1181
166FAMILY FEUDMon10:30 PM - 10:59 PM300.2216
A 251K average the whole night, falling as time went on. Right now, these numbers are alright but most of the audience is taken by the major networks, particularly NBC and ABC. GSN has kept this block stable for nearly two years now and I really don't see it going anywhere, anytime soon.

62MINUTE TO WIN IT (OHNO)Tue8:00 PM - 8:59 PM600.2339
30THE CHASETue9:00 PM - 9:59 PM600.2403
Some very, very nice numbers for the worn-down Minute to Win It. Then, The Chase had some of it's most impressive numbers since new runs in the late Summer.

42NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Thu8:00 PM - 8:29 PM300.2363
28NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Thu8:30 PM - 8:59 PM300.3408
2NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Thu9:00 PM - 9:29 PM300.3510
3NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Thu9:30 PM - 9:59 PM300.3501
Very impressive for just reruns, averaging 446,000 viewers and topping Steve Harvey's Family Feud which bordered but still supported this Newlywed Game block.

44FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat6:00 PM - 6:29 PM300.2360
17FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat6:30 PM - 6:59 PM300.3434
33FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat7:00 PM - 7:29 PM300.3396
24FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat7:30 PM - 7:59 PM300.3422
87MINUTE TO WIN IT (OHNO)Sat8:00 PM - 8:59 PM600.2299
83MINUTE TO WIN IT (OHNO)Sat9:00 PM - 9:59 PM600.2309
9FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat10:00 PM - 10:29 PM300.3457
1FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat10:30 PM - 10:59 PM300.3513
16FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat11:00 PM - 11:29 PM300.3435
58FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat11:30 PM - 11:59 PM300.2342
Two hour breakdown
6-8pm: 403K (average)
8-10pm: 304K (average)
10pm-12am: 437K (average)

Not bad numbers at all this week and nothing to point out at the bottom for "Lowest of the Low" since most of those airings are either early mornings or late nights.

Sources: SonoftheBronx


  1. Monday nights are really stable, as much as I would like to see a change, I doubt it will happen.

    Minute did surprisingly well for its season finale, well see if "season 2" can maintain this.

    Thursday does well, despite me not watching it.

    Saturday is getting a slight change tonight, but I still think a change needs to be made(get rid of Dog Eat Dog at 8pm).

  2. Prediction: I have a feeling 'Mind of a Man' reruns will be dumped on Saturday nights

  3. If Mind of a Man will replace Dog Eat Dog and/or some Harvey timeslots, then I'll take it.