Friday, November 8, 2013

GSN Online Schedule: Saget OUT

As of this moment according to the GSN Online Schedule, 1 vs 100 (NBC/Saget) has already been replaced with another run of The Chase on Tuesday nights, effective November 12th (5 days). This is after The Chase scored an impressive 453,000 viewers on Tuesday night (11/5) at 8pm while 1 vs 100 scored 303,000 viewers, a 33% decrease from The Chase.

My guess is that The Chase is new at 8pm while there will be a rerun of The Chase at 9pm. I do not assume GSN will trash 1 vs 100 yet considering its Friday night, Saturday and Sunday slots have yet to air and GSN has yet to see those numbers.

At least this is a good sign for The Chase and GSN is liking the total and 18-49 numbers.

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  1. I hope 1 vs. 100 isn't leaving the schedule, I hope it will at least keep a weekend slot.

  2. Just uploaded the new schedules through Thanksgiving Week at Game Show Follies. Check the turkey day marathon. Can you say...Louie Anderson?

  3. There's a Louie Anderson Family Feud marathon on Thanksgiving day? I guess GSN really is trying to become the Family Feud Network.

    The PDF's aren't working on my phone, is there a Black Friday marathon, and if so, what is it? Also, is Anderson Feud coming to the regular schedule?

  4. The Thanksgiving Day Marathon consists of... well, just about every version of Feud. Dawson airs in the 8am hour, Combs at 9am, Anderson at 10am, Karn and O'Hurley at 11am,-1pm, Celebrity Feud Special with Al Roker at 1pm, then Harvey Feud from 2pm-8pm. The remainder of Thursday is the same.

    Friday's marathon is from 8am-12pm with what appears to be the syndicated run of Sale of the Century. 12pm-12am is a Harvey Feud megathon.

    I crunched the numbers and... as compared to the schedule for this week, Harvey Feud gains 4 hours on Thursday, a staggering 10 hours more on Friday.

    And you'd think because of a marathon, GSN wouldn't air Harvey as much, but it shouldn't be the biggest surprise. How in the world do you get 14 additional hours of Harvey Feud on top of the normal list, no reductions, in just 48 hours? Unbelievable! This is nuts.

  5. Harvey Feud magathons are above and beyond expected. They'll do very well with a majority of America off from work.

    Nice to see special Feud versions and specials.

    Nice marathon for Sale of The Crntury Friday. I'll make a full post tomorrow.

  6. I also punched in the numbers, and Harvey Feud takes an even 50% (10 of 20 broadcast hours) of the schedule Thanksgiving Day 8am-3am, and an unbelievable 70% (14 of 20 broadcast hours) on Black Friday. That surely won't stop too many shoppers. Sale's 8am-12pm run makes up a total 20%, Baggage's normal late night hours make up the other 10%

    These numbers obviously don't include the paid programming slots.

  7. Harvey Feud, for the whole week takes 43% of the schedule without Paid Programming.

    Noticing in edition that GSN will not air a new run of The Chase on Tuesday 11/26 and will air reruns from 8pm-2am from 11/5, 11/12 and 11/19

  8. Yeah I don't know what's going on there. Kinda almost seems like they're trying to drill it into our heads. Yikes! I don't get it.

  9. I do not get the mass amounts for The Chase on Tuesday 11/26.

    I'm pretty fine with the double-run (New run/rerun) effective 11/12 from 8-10pm (Baggage should be left at midnight, though) while the other runs, twice Saturday and twice Sunday are decent.

  10. The Dawson and Combs episodes will be nice to see, and the Sale of the Century marathon will be nice as well.

    Anderson and Roker get their first taste of GSN, surprised it took this long.

    24 hours of Harvey Feud? This is unacceptable, this is PROOF that GSN is trying to become the Family Feud Network. This alone might force me to make a BIG YouTube rant video, and I'm serious.