Monday, November 25, 2013

GSN advertisements

While watching some runs of Dog Eat Dog and Family Feud on GSN lately, besides new Mind of a Man promos now featuring DeRay Davis, I'm noticing different advertising strategies for The Chase.

Some commercials for The Chase are not revolving around Brooke Burns and her clothes. Well, for one, GSN is trying to attract the male demographic with the attractive Brooke Burns, though any guy who has wanted to see her already had done that on GSN. The advertisements are primarily dedicated to Burns' clothes.

The Chase isn't really struggling but I can see how GSN expects better ratings while The Chase should be getting better numbers and is not getting enough support and credibility.

There are also some new Steve Harvey Family Feud adds floating around. Looks like GSN and Steve Harvey had a photo shoot.

The Chase airs Tuesdays at 8pm (ET) on GSN. New runs resume December 3rd.

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