Friday, November 29, 2013

Engvall's run on 'Dancing with the Stars'

That was the right time??
The name "Bill Engvall" may not seem too familiar to true game show fans, more so redneck-comedian fans. Though, Engvall did host a 40-episode run of Lingo on GSN in 2011, which gained him popularity in the game show community.

Engvall did turn out in fourth place on Dancing with the Stars, cut a night prior to the grand finale. The winner of this seventeenth season was Amber Riley, a cast member of Glee. Corbin Bleu and Jack Osbourne were also finalists ahead of Engvall.

Engvall's version of Lingo ran on GSN in the Summer of 2011 and then disappeared off the majority of the schedule later that same year, now obsolete from the schedule but definitely not gone forever. In September, when ABC announced the Fall cast for Dancing, I thought GSN would jump to air Bill Engvall's Lingo again without stating his involvement with the ABC talent show. Still would not be surprised to see his version pop up soon, since his name is pretty popular again.


  1. Putting Engvall Lingo back on the schedule would be a good idea, with this publicity and Lingo already getting good ratings before it was yanked in July. I just hope GSN doesn't put DWTS back on the schedule because of this.

  2. GSN has lost the rights to Dancing with the Stars, as of November 2013, some reps. have said.