Friday, November 22, 2013

December predictions

Based on the schedule changes beginning December 2nd and the weekend of November 23/24:

BlockBusters (Weekdays 9am): This classic game show, the first "New" show on the schedule since Sale of the Century in April of this year, will spike morning ratings above what Super Password has done now. Super Password has shown success after Match Game (which produces very healthy numbers for that early in the morning) since mid-July. The reduction (split in half) of Super Password will also boost ratings at 11am. Blockbusters will be a mild morning success and boost numbers for Press Your Luck, though The $25,000 Pyramid will remain the highest rated pre-1990's show.

Syndicated Sale of the Century (Weekdays 10am): With it's same fine lead-in of Press Your Luck and the Thanksgiving marathon-hype, the syndicated version of Sale of the Century will bring in elevated numbers but nothing significant. Since the show has the same title and the same host, your causal GSN viewer (no one who is a classic fanatic) will not notice that these episodes are "New to GSN" until they thoroughly watch the episodes.

Shop 'Til You Drop (Weekdays 4 & 4:30pm): Even though this is in the same time-era as Richard Karn's Family Feud and is highly likable to game show fans, this could potentially become one of the biggest let downs in the T.V. ratings. Since this game show title is highly unrecognizable to most cable viewers, where Family Feud and Catch 21 are, Shop 'Til You Drop will start out with a very slow start, even dipping to numbers under 200,000 viewers in the 4pm hour. Though, throughout the month of December, ratings will show a rise.

The noon hour numbers for Shop 'Til You Drop will rise from what Karn Feud left, though will not be significantly bigger since the noon runs are reruns from episodes the day prior at 4pm.

The Newlywed Game (Sundays 7pm): The Newlywed Game continues to prosper in its reruns cycle, particularly in Thursday primetime, sandwiched between Steve Harvey's Family Feud, and in edition The Newlywed Game has put up strong numbers late Saturday and Sunday nights. The Newlywed Game now gets a five and a half hour primetime block effective November 24th and will rise from the sour-Minute to Win It numbers. The Newlywed Game, with the Family Feud lead-in will do very well throughout the whole night to become one of the highest rated primetime nights, topping Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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  1. Blockbusters will likely do well at 9am. If it does well, then maybe it could get a weekend slot in 2014, it aired at 10am weekends for a really long time in the 2000s, so I could see it happening.

    Sale of the Century will probably have the same ratings as before, but it'll be nice to see new episodes.

    Shop 'til You Drop will probably do really poorly at first, but just like Sale of the Century, it'll improve over time and do really well. I have a feeling however that Shop 'til You Drop will lose either the noon hour or the 4pm hour around February-March, though I'm not sure which.

    Sherriwed might do decent on Sunday nights, though I have a strange feeling that 5th Grader will return to the schedule in February.