Saturday, November 2, 2013

1 vs 100 Official slots, other schedule changes for week of 11/4

Casey Abell posted the last-minute (thanks to GSN, not Casey) advanced schedules for the weeks of November 4-10 and November 11-17 at GameShowFollies (I'm sure 1 vs 100 isn't just a two week lease; later schedules will come).

First off, 1 vs 100 gets the following slots: Tuesday 9pm*; Tuesday 12am*; Friday 7pm & 8pm; Saturday 1pm*; Saturday 10pm*; Sunday 9pm.

The * means that the episode of 1 vs 100 that aired Tuesday at 9pm after the new run of The Chase also repeats in those timeslots, five times around the schedule.

Additional changes include the following:

*Baggage is out for Friday nights completely (except the Midnight run every weeknight); Baggage is replaced by 1 vs 100 (7-9pm) and Minute to Win It (Fieri) (9-11pm).

This move surprises me since Baggage has gotten the numbers no other shows have had on Friday nights since Flashback Friday, nearly two years. GSN tried Minute to Win It (both versions), The Pyramid, Improv-a-Ganza, Dancing with the Stars, The $100,000 Pyramid and The Chase but nothing really clicked. Then Baggage moved in for a whole four hours and the audience stayed, for Friday standards.

The numbers (Fridays 7-11pm; w/ Baggage four hours): 10/4: 250K; 10/11: 175K; 10/18: 239K; 10/25: 314K. Some episodes would reach 350K-400K.

*The Chase will rerun Sunday at 12pm; switching with The Pyramid (GSN) which will move from 11am-12pm, after Love Triangle. 

No reason to complain about this move, it actually makes the most sense out of anything GSN's done in a long time.

*Minute to Win It (Fieri) gets a cutback Sunday night with 1 vs 100. 

I really like 1 vs 100 and The Chase on Sunday nights. This should be a good fit, only would be better from 8-10pm rather than 9-11pm, giving The Newlywed Game its provided, deserved slots while Ohno Minute gets less airtime.

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  1. Good to see 1 vs. 100 get some weekend slots, I hope this is a success.

    I actually think the Friday night changes are a good idea. I'm gonna start watching Friday nights now.

    Sunday mornings might work, maybe The Pyramid will improve in the ratings. I'm still hopeful that Whammy, Chain Reaction, or Lingo will take 10:30am weekends soon, otherwise I will continue to boycott that timeslot.

    Sorry Scott, but I have to agree with GSN for Sunday nights, I cannot stand Sherri, so the less sherriwed, the better for me.

    Good changes GSN.

  2. Love Triangle & Newlywed Game I am not huge fans of either, after years of reruns and such. But , they get the numbers.

  3. What I think is the best is the Sunday 9pm slot. 5th Grader enjoyed very nice ratings so filling it with another former primetime quizzer should be a good replacement.

  4. Another good point too, but take this: 5th Grader was "block scheduled" for two years and had great Harbvey Feud or Bible Challenge lead-ins.

    1 vs 100 will have a solo slot after Minute to Win It, therefore will probably do much poorer.

  5. Love Triangle and sherriwed might get decent numbers, but I think cutting out its morning slots and putting stuff like Whammy, Chain Reaction, or Lingo in its place will improve morning ratings and possibly improve ratings later in the day as well.

    I think 1 vs. 100 will do well at 9pm Sunday night. 5th Grader always did well there, and I hope 1 vs. 100 will do the same.