Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why 'The Chase' already deserves a third season

We all know that GSN's The Chase is a very smart, sophisticated show that thrilled game show fans across America the same way it did in the UK. The second season of The Chase premieres Tuesday, November 5th at 8pm ET. Ten episodes will be aired week after week, two left over from the first season.

GSN thought The Chase, hosted by previous-known-as Dog Eat Dog host Brooke Burns, would be a bigger success that the first season was, which averaged 464,000 viewers, with the lowest episode at 397,000 viewers and three new runs of six above 500,000 viewers. After the success of the first two seasons of American Bible Challenge in 2012-13, numbers for The Chase look a little weak but strong compared to most other fillers on the GSN Schedule.

The reruns, at the once-a-week slot now Tuesday 9pm ET have also held up quite impressively with little advertisement and a fair but not great lead-in, Minute to Win It (which new runs of Minute have done worse than old episodes of The Chase). On September 10th, The Chase saw 332,000 viewers in its 9pm rerun slot. On 9/17, 336,000 viewers. On 9/24, 338,000 viewers. Most recently on 10/1, 382,000 viewers.

The Chase does deserve a third season considering some other jokes GSN is trying to pull. The Chase is a fun and thrilling quizzer, which unlike American Bible Challenge deserves to be on network television (due to its religious base). Sure, there are a few flaws for cable game show status plus the first season will also look like the second season. It's one of the best GSN originals up there with Lingo, Baggage and Russian Roulette.

Make sure to watch the third season starting in 20 days.


  1. So why does it deserve a third season?

  2. It deserves a third season because unlike most GSN originals, it appeals to both older and newer fans. It also has held up in the ratings unlike most of GSN's original programming.

    BTW, what do you mean by "deserves to be on network television unlike American Bible Challenge"? American Bible Challenge is the most popular GSN original of all-time, and a lot of Christians(including myself) watch it not only because it's a game show and it's about the Holy Bible, but because it's CLEAN, unlike most of television today.

    I know this isn't a schedule post, but I would really like Russian Roulette to get at least a weekend slot, I mean, if Whammy(which was produced in the exact same years as Roulette was) can air there with good ratings, than Russian Roulette can too.

    1. It's just me but it would be much easier (but still extremely difficult) to launch The Chase on network TV than American Bible Challenge due to its religious purposes, not that it's clean TV or not.

      Russian Roulette does need to come back. A revival would be too much to ask for but the reruns would be a good fit for weekends, somewhere. Anywhere.

    2. I still don't get what the problem is with "religious purposes", The Bible can still be seen on television and not be a problem. It's been that way since the beginning of television itself, many game shows have had trivia questions about Jesus(who IS real) or The Bible. Heck, Jeopardy has questions about The Bible all the time. It's not a matter of religious purposes, television is supposed to be about anything people desire for it to be, just ask Mister Rogers who said "The first time I saw television, it was people throwing pies at each other. I was so disappointed that television was being used to show all this trash, when you could use it in wonderful ways, which is one of the reasons I teamed up with PBS to start Mister Rogers Neighborhood." Even though Mister Rogers has passed away and gone to Heaven now, his message is still true. Television will always be filled with trash, but make it wonderful in any way you can.

      I agree that Russian Roulette would be a great fit for weekends, I would Suggest put it in wither one of the two Whammy timeslots, or take Love Triangle's timeslot. I would say give it one of Sherriwed's 11am hour slots, but I can see that The Chase is taking those slots on Sunday mornings, and I would prefer Russian Roulette air more than just one Saturday morning airing. Next April, if Password Plus is not renewed, then I could see Russian Roulette going at 9am, if not Russian Roulette, then I say put Press Your Luck or Woolery Lingo at 9am, or a new classic acquisition.

    3. I do not have any 'religious purpose' issues it's just that I can not see a network like FOX, ABC, NBC or CBS picking up an hour-long game show just about the bible.

      RR should take some Newlywed Game slots Saturday morning, after Love Triangle. Love Triangle and Whammy! manage some good early-morning numbers actually.

    4. I never said you have any 'religious purpose' issues, I just think if The American Bible Challenge wouldn't do well on network television, than The Chase probably wouldn't either.

      Now that I think about it, Russian Roulette would probably do better at 11am than Sherriwed does.

  3. Mark Walberg is the reason why you don't see RR on GSN anymore. His residual fees kicked to a higher level after rerun #8 and they reached that a few years ago and the show vanished.

  4. I too think The Chase deserves a third season, of course anyone who likes the show, the format, the hosts, the game itself, or anything that continues to make them want to keep watching will say that.

    I mean if a Love Triangle or maybe Baggage for some was putting up The Chase's numbers overall (during new runs) and had a very good format but it wasn't your favorite, would you promote a desire for another season? Maybe, but it probably wouldn't matter so much if they did or didn't. It seems like The Chase has pleased the loyal interweb game show fanatics and the GSN audience at large and that's great! I certainly hope a third season is going to happen.