Monday, October 28, 2013

'The Chase' is GSN's "smash hit" quizzer?

Happened to see a scroll during a Family Feud episode today. Of course, GSN is promoting the season finale of Minute to Win It for "The last chance at $250,000" but a bottom scroll stating "GSN's Smash Hit quizzer is back for Season 2"

Smash hit? Really? I'm a fan of The Chase and in addition, GSN creating more quizzers either sports-based or religious-based, in their favor. With The Chase only averaging 464,000 viewers and GSN pushing the finale up two weeks for slumping ratings throughout the middle of August. None of the reruns were doing anywhere near as well as GSN wanted, where some of the runs for the entire week did not cut the top 20, where Feud and Chain Reaction runs did.

I mean, I hope ratings perk for season 2, and I bet numbers will elevate a little. But the only smash-hits on GSN have really been American Bible Challenge and Baggage in the foreseeable pass.


  1. By scroll, I assume you're referring to that red line that comes out of the GSN logo and displays information.

    I hope The Chase does really well, I don't expect it to be the highest-rated show on GSN, Feud will probably hold that title for the rest of GSN's existence, but I hope it does well enough to get a third season.

    Baggage was a smash-hit? A show that only airs on Friday nights and late-nights that doesn't get good ratings would seem more like a placeholder than a smash-hit to me.

  2. Baggage, here in 2013, is a placeholder (but does pull fine numbers at midnight and great numbers for 3am standards. Friday nights do alright)

    Though, around 2010-11, Baggage was very popular.

  3. Baggage might do decent in late-night, but I do hope it will lose Friday nights eventually. I would personally like to see Flashback Fridays return, if that can't happen, then I say put Lingo or a new acquisition on Friday nights.

    Baggage might have been popular in the Kelly Goode days, but it's not popular now.

  4. It's called marketing. They can call it whatever they want. By any normal definition, it's not a smash it.