Monday, October 21, 2013

Special Whammy! episode coming 10/27

GSN has something special coming up much later this week for old originals fans. According to the Zap2It Online schedule for GSN, for the first time in a while (since GSN usually does not show holiday shows out of that holiday season) the Halloween episode of Whammy! will be aired. This special episode will air Sunday, October 27th at 10am ET.

Whammy! was an original that aired on GSN in new runs in 2002-03 and since has made appearances on the schedule in reruns for its 130 episodes. Whammy! is hosted by Todd Newton.


  1. It's nice to see GSN noticing this, now all GSN has to do on weekend mornings is put Woolery Lingo and Russian Roulette back on the schedule to replace Love Triangle and Sherriwed, and my viewership will be secured for mornings.

  2. Love Triangle and The Newlywed Game numbers are actually fine, especially on Saturdays after Whammy! Sure, there's a little drop but numbers have held up for better than I thought. Sunday mornings are typically weaker than usual for GSN. If anything, Russian Roulette could appear there, *in my dreams*.

    GSN hasn't moved The Newlywed Game out of weekend mornings in 4 years now, so what would make them do it now?

  3. If Love Triangle and Sherriwed stay, then I would suggest Russian Roulette at 12pm and Woolery Lingo at 12:30pm if The Pyramid bombs on Sundays or if Sherriwed sinks on Saturdays.

    No timeslot lasts forever. In fact, I believe the longest surviving timeslot on the GSN schedule is either Whammy at 9:30am or Carnie/Sherriwed at 11am. I believe those timeslots have been there since at least 2009. Eventually those timeslots will go away, maybe not now, but in a couple years I could see it happening.

    1. Thinking back...

      -Match Game has been at 8am & 8:30am since Late 2010
      -Either $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid has been at 10:30am since 2010 or even before.
      -Super Password at 11am since April 2012
      -Catch 21 has aired at 2pm weekdays since 2009/10, with no breaks at all
      -Chain Reaction has aired at 3:30pm weekdays since August 2011
      -Karn Feud has been In/Out but mostly in weekdays at 4pm & 4:30pm since 2009 but Catch 21 in June-September 2012 and Deal or No Deal in October-November 2012
      -Harvey Feud has been at 6pm for a while. I'm guessing June 2012.
      -Karn/O'Hurley Feud has aired Monday nights since January 2012.
      -Harvey Feud has aired Wednesday nights since March 2012.
      -Whammy! at 9:30am since, you said, 2009 and at 10:00am since early 2012.
      -Newlywed Game on weekend mornings at 11am since at least mid-2009.

      The only part of the schedule that has stayed intact completely for over a year now has been post-11pm weeknights and post-11pm Saturday nights (Feud, NG, Baggage, since April 2012 post-DWTS)

      Otherwise, Whammy! and Newlywed Game are schedule records. Just felt like going through all of them.

    2. Here's to my knowledge how long each show has had in their respective timeslots.

      8:00am Match Game (December 2010-May 2012, April 2013-present)
      8:30am Match Game (December 2010-present)
      9:00am Super Password (July 2013-present)
      9:30am Press Your Luck (October 2012-March 2013, July 2013-present)
      10:00am Sale of the Century (July 2013-present)
      10:30am $25k Pyramid (May 2009-present)
      11:00am Super Password (April 2012-present)
      11:30am $100k Pyramid (July 2013-present)
      12:00pm Family Feud (Karn) (July 2013-present)
      12:30pm Family Feud (Karn) (July 2013-present)
      1:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley) (September 2013-present)
      1:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley) (September 2013-present)
      2:00pm Catch 21 (January 2010-present)
      2:30pm The Pyramid (July 2013-present)
      3:00pm Chain Reaction (December 2012-present)
      3:30pm Chain Reaction (August 2011-February 2012, May 2012-present)
      4:00pm Family Feud (Karn) (December 2012-present)
      4:30pm Family Feud (Karn) (December 2012-present)
      5:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley) (February 2013-present)
      5:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley) (February 2013-present)
      6:00pm Family Feud (Harvey) (April 2012-August 2012, October 2012-present)
      6:30pm Family Feud (Harvey) (April 2012-present)

      8:00am was Family Feud (Dawson) from May 2012-March 2013.
      9:30am was Sale of the Century from April 2013-July 2013.
      3:30pm was Lingo (Woolery) from February 2012-May 2012.
      6:00pm was The Pyramid from September 2012-October 2012.

      Weekend mornings
      9:00am Password Plus (April 2012-present)
      9:30am Whammy! (November 2009-present)
      10:00am Whammy! (February 2012-present)
      10:30am Love Triangle (July 2013-present)
      11:00am The Newlywed Game (November 2009-present)
      11:30am The Newlywed Game (January 2012-present)

      I'm not sure if every single date I've listed is correct, but there as close as I can get. So Whammy 9:30 and Carnie/Sherriwed 11:00 have been there since November 2009, but $25k Pyramid has been weekdays at 10:30 since May 2009, even though it's been $100k a few times and was Pyramid (Osmond) in May 2012, so $25k Pyramid at 10:30 is the longest surviving timeslot on GSN.

      Kind of lengthy, but interesting to read.

  4. Hey, you're right! It says "Halloween Special" on the pdf schedule for October 27. Didn't even notice it, but I'm afraid I don't look at the pdfs too closely when I post 'em.

    1. I've gotten you on the O'Hurley Bullseye acquisition, which I was first to spot and this was here first too.

      Plus, I also claimed you famous. Another first ;)

  5. Hey i just found out GSN is airing more Halloween themed episodes this week tonight is a halloween episode of Family Feud at 8 ET