Thursday, October 24, 2013

'Skin Wars' comments, reactions

In case you have not seen, here are some of the latest reactions from posts at GameShowNetworkNews for GSN's newest reality series Skin Wars, set to premeire in early 2014. They can be seen here and here. Here are some of the latest comments:

"They wont [learn]. Shows like this are nothing new and everytime GSN tries to do something that every other network does, it's a failure."

GSN does keep trying shows that do not work. Shows like Lingo, Chain Reaction and Baggage have stuck around on the schedule in reruns while you have to ask where are shows like Late Night Liars, Unstapled and Family Trade?

"This is gonna be a failure, and GSN knows it. This is probably why Harvey Feud took 4 and 5 the very day this was announced. If GSN airs a Harvey Feud marathon the day before this premieres, I'm gonna make a BIG YouTube rant video."

To promote the show, just like they did with Family Trade, GSN will do some type of marathon again. Airing more Steve Harvey Family Feud means more viewers for the network, which means more money.

"GSN doesn't know it's going to be a failure. If they did, they wouldn't pay the millions of dollars it takes to produce it. It can't do much worse than many of the failures they've seen, from puppet shows, to hidden camera disasters, to the expensive flop that was Big Saturday Night."

I can not say a show like Skin Wars, which is reality, no host or actors to pay and no cash prizes (known of yet) costs millions of dollars. It costs money and I'm sure GSN still makes money off of reality failures, just not enough money.

"Slapping paint on flesh is not art."

I don't know art too well at all but in some ways, it is an art. Still, highly doubt Skin Wars will garner enough of an audience for people to watch.

"I know an Art Hack that thinks he's good enough for this competition. A narcissistic man painting naked women isn't art, it's objectification."

Yes. That's all I'll say.

"Who would spend millions of dollars on this? It won't last one season. Needs someone like Simon Cowell to produce in order to have moderate success. Completely wrong network. Doomed to fail and the cast will fade into obscurity. Poor souls."

"I dunno how Simon Cowell would be brought into this but I doubt he could even produce something like this and make it good."

This will never work. The people on the show will linger in obscurity or be made fun of and never taken seriously. I have the GSN so I'll tune in. Lets face it... Everyone loves a good disaster. Anon, I agree.

Yes, mark my words. This will be a good disaster and I will be willing to see how low these ratings will be. Most likely much lower than Family Trade. Skin Wars is way of GSN's demographics.


  1. GSN knows this will be a failure, and I still believe this show is the reason Harvey Feud took 4pm and 5pm, considering that schedule change occurred the very day GSN green-lit this. I told you I was gonna make a BIG YouTube rant video if GSN airs a Harvey Feud marathon the day before this premieres, and I am a man of my words. BTW, if GSN airs this on Thursday nights(which I hope and beg they don't) the Wednesday night Harvey Feud block will count as a marathon.

    I hope this show gets DWTS-ish ratings(if not worse) and gets considered as one of the worst(if not the worst) GSN original of all-time. I might have to stop watching GSN for a few months once the advertisements for this show begin.

    GSN will never learn.

    1. See, Dancing with the Stars had a following and a pretty good amount of people actually liked DWTS reruns, just not enough to keep the reruns on the air.

      This, though, has no following.

      On the other hand, Family Trade didn't have a fan-base, either, and that did better than Dancing with the Stars

    2. DWTS reruns might have done well if they were on ABC Family or something like that, GSN is just not the network to show reruns of shows like that.

      This will likely be a ratings bomb, no matter what GSN tries.

      Family Trade did better than DWTS because it was somewhat similar to History Channel's Pawn Stars, this will likely be similar to A&E's Bad Ink. Either way, I don't care if it does better/worse than DWTS, as long as it bombs and leaves the schedule permanately, then I'll be happy.

  2. This show will cost a lot MORE than shows like Lingo or even The Chase. Studio game shows are much cheaper than garbage like this. Yes, this show will cost MILLIONS.

    1. How? They don't have to rent the studio space and there are zero cash prizes. You're still paying for the cameras and set up but no studio lighting, etc.

    2. Requires a lot more production and editing. On average, this kind of show costs more than a game show. Ask anyone who knows anything about the TV business and they'll tell you I'm right.