Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Schedule Change Reactions (11/4-11/24)

Last night Casey Abell at GameShowFollies uploaded most of the schedules for the month of November. The last full week, which includes Thanksgiving has not been uploaded yet which could include some holiday marathons.

November 4-10
November 11-17
November 18-24

The Changes
*The Chase is "New" Tuesday at 8pm
*The Chase reruns Tuesday 11pm, Saturday 2pm, Saturday 9pm, Sunday 11am, Sunday 10pm
*Dog Eat Dog will air Saturdays at 8pm in edition to Saturday 3pm
*There is currently a "TBD" slot Tuesday at 9pm

All Times Eastern

We all knew The Chase was coming Tuesday nights but Tuesdays 9pm are left blank all three weeks. Right now this could either be The Chase, Family Feud (most likely) and the more doubtful but still possible Dog Eat Dog.

The Chase actually gets a reasonable amount of rerun slots, a total of five per week plus one new run. The only The Chase rerun slot is Sunday 10pm where The Newlywed Game was actually doing well. I would have preferred The Chase Sunday at 6pm, since the four-hour block of Ohno Minute doesn't seem to be lasting.

No other changes really, which is a small surprise. A few spots on the schedule could use a touch-up but we'll see what happens in the coming months. Dog Eat Dog just picks up that one slot Saturday night which I could see doing well with the Harvey Feud lead-in/The Chase lead-out. No matter how much you dislike the presence of the show, Dog Eat Dog actually produces some good numbers Saturday mid-afternoon.


  1. For the Tuesday TBD 9pm slot, I hope it's either Minute first-run or a new acquisition that GSN is considering acquiring. If Mr. Rerun or Dog Eat Dog take that slot, I'm gonna boycott the 9pm slot and watch something else.

    I am surprised to see Minute remaining on Sunday nights, I hope that will be taken out by the end of the month, preferably acquire either 5th Grader, Millionaire, or Wheel of Fortune and stick it there.

    I'm not gonna watch Dog Eat Dog no matter what timeslots GSN gives it, I guess I'm gonna stick to NASCAR and College Football for Saturdays.

    I wonder what the Thanksgiving marathon will be, my guess is that they'll either burn off the remaining Minute episodes(like they did with Beat the Chefs last year) or acquire something specifically for the marathon. I just hope GSN doesn't show a non-game show like DWTS or Family Trade, if they do, I will stay away from GSN that entire week to avoid any possible promotion.

  2. I hope something good comes for Tuesday night but I'm thinking great chance of Harvey Feud.

    Minute to Win It (both versions) do deserve time on the schedule but just a cutback, which is what the Fieri version recieved once the Ohno version premiered and now the Ohno version has a cutback with The Chase (down from 12 slots to 8 and in November, 4).

    Dog Eat Dog is fine enough. It's a game show. Either that or more Feud Saturday nights.

    No clue for holiday marathons but I'd like to see American Bible Challenge, Press Your Luck, Sale of the Century and Match Game again

  3. I have the same feeling for Tuesday night as you do.

    I agree about Minute, I personally wish that Fieri would take Monday nights and Ohno take Friday nights, or vice versa. Though I still hope Ohno will lose his Sunday night slots soon, acquire 5th Grader, Millionaire, or Wheel of Fortune **LISTEN TO US GSN** and Sunday nights should be fine.

    I'm not saying Dog Eat Dog is not a game show, I just don't like it. I don't like Mr, Rerun either, so if GSN doesn't change that, I'm sticking with NASCAR and College Football for now.

    I could see an American Bible Challenge marathon on Thanksgiving, GSN would probably promote it something like "celebrate the day of giving with the show of giving." Match Game would probably do well, and Press Your Luck would hopefully be that 30th Anniversary thing I suggested the other day. I could see Sale of the Century going on a Black Friday marathon, GSN would probably promote it something like "Get a jump start on your Black Friday, with a classic viewing pleasure, a game show where you could win all you've ever wanted, and more." OR "Celebrate the day of shopping with the show of shopping." Okay, I know GSN doesn't have the rights to the shopping era, but I guess the Instant Bargains would count. Speaking of shopping era, I would love to see some shopping episodes of Wheel of Fortune**COME ON GSN, LISTEN TO YOUR FANS**.

  4. I want 5th Grader back prior to most other classic acquisitions to be honest. New episodes of $OTC, Password, PYL would be nice but 5th Grader was a prime ratings-winner and not rerun abused.

  5. New classic acquisitions would go well anywhere before 1pm, but I agree 5th Grader would be a better ratings winner and it wasn't rerun abused nearly as bad as Mr. Rerun or other programs.

    1. Modern New acquisitions wanted:

      -Millionaire (Meredith's post 2010)
      -Wheel (post 2010)
      -Syndie 5th Grader

      -Monday nights
      -Friday nights
      -Sunday nights
      -Weekdays 4-7pm
      -Weeknights 12-1am (Baggage is weakening)
      -Saturday & Sunday 1pm-5pm

    2. With that being said, here's my guess as to what these timeslots would look like if these shows were acquired.

      Monday nights
      5th Grader

      Friday nights

      Sunday nights
      6:00pm Wheel of Fortune
      6:30pm Wheel of Fortune
      7:00pm 5th Grader
      7:30pm 5th Grader
      8:00pm Wheel of Fortune
      8:30pm Wheel of Fortune
      9:00pm 5th Grader
      9:30pm 5th Grader

      4:00pm Millionaire
      4:30pm Millionaire
      5:00pm 5th Grader
      5:30pm 5th Grader
      6:00pm Harvey Feud(I doubt Amy Davis would want to get rid of Steve)
      6:30pm Harvey Feud(I doubt Amy Davis would want to get rid of Steve)
      12:00am Millionaire
      12:30am Millionaire

      1:00pm Wheel of Fortune
      1:30pm Wheel of Fortune
      2:00pm Wheel of Fortune
      2:30pm Wheel of Fortune
      3:00pm Millionaire
      3:30pm Millionaire
      4:00pm 5th Grader
      4:30pm 5th Grader

      If these acquisitions and schedule changes were to take place, rating would likely improve and the "Too Much Feud" crowd would be happy that 40(Yes, I counted) Feud timeslots across all 7 days would be taken out**GSN, IF YOU EVER READ THIS, PLEASE TAKE THIS UNDER CONSIDERATION**.