Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October predicitons

With an insight of ratings from prior months, here are my latest predictions for the month ahead:

8:00am: Match Game
8:30am: Match Game
9:00am: Super Password
9:30am: Press Your Luck
10:00am: Press Your Luck
10:30am: Sale of the Century
11:00am: Super Password OR $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid OR New Acquisition
11:30am: $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid
12:00pm: Family Feud (Karn) (Thought I'd like but doubtful: Match Game)
12:30pm: Family Feud (Karn) (Thought I'd like but doubtful: Match Game)
1:00pm: Family Feud (O'Hurley)
1:30pm: Family Feud (O'Hurley)
2:00pm: Catch 21

Now here's where I would like to see some sort-of mix-up to look something like this:

2:30pm: Lingo (Engvall)
3:00pm: Lingo (Engvall)
3:30pm: The Pyramid
4:00pm: Chain Reaction
4:30pm: Chain Reaction
5:00pm-7:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)

Monday: Same
Tuesday: The Chase (8-10pm) (sandwiched by Harvey Feud) (Starting November 5th)
Wednesday: Same
Thursday: Same
Friday: More Newlywed Game or Love Triangle
Saturday: The Chase reruns from 8-10pm, Harvey Feud otherwise
Sunday: Something big and different. Who knows what.

On Weekends, More Whammy! weekday mornings will make way for better Love Triangle slots possibly later in the morning/Early P.M. (Love Triangle is actually doing well). For filler on weekends to cut back sagging Minute to Win It (Fieri) ratings, there is a slight change GSN may acquire or re-acquire a network original. Dog Eat Dog may gain another slot somewhere on weekends and remaining in the sole 3:00pm Saturday slot as well.

More importantly, still no clue about Wheel of Fortune but the signs are still there.

Reminder: Just because the advanced schedules have been printed through October 28-November 3, 2013, does not mean that they are set in stone. Tons of changes can still come, where last year, schedules were printed in Late September 2012 through the week of October 22-28, 2012. Whereas, the schedules changed on October 5, 2012 for the weeks of October 15, 2012 and October 22, 2012.

**These are Predictions Only**


  1. I mostly agree with you, but here are a few things I would suggest.

    Move everything up an hour and put Paid Programming at 8am, GSN saves a little money and Match Game gets better ratings. All times eastern.

    9:00 Match Game
    9:30 Match Game
    10:00 Sale of the Century
    10:30 Press Your Luck
    11:00 $25k Pyramid
    11:30 $100k Pyramid
    12:00 Super Password
    12:30 Password Plus
    1:00 Family Feud (Karn)
    1:30 Family Feud (O'Hurley)
    2:00 Catch 21
    2:30 Lingo (Engvall)
    3:00 Lingo (Woolery)
    3:30 The Pyramid
    4:00 Chain Reaction
    4:30 Chain Reaction
    5-7 Harvey Feud
    Mornings would be like that UNTIL a new classic gets acquired, then change it.

    Block Scheduling
    Monday-Thursday are fine with me.
    Friday, Heck, No. Anything but more Love Triangle, put something like Lingo on Friday nights, Lingo on Friday nights would actually get my viewership, unlike Sherri or Wendy, whom I refuse to watch.

    On weekends, put either Whammy, Chain Reaction or Lingo at 10:30, otherwise I will continue to boycott that timeslot.

    Do NOT put more Dog Eat Dog, I still wish GSN had never re-acquired that in the first place. If GSN still has the rights to Deal or No Deal, put it in some of the Minute/Dog Eat Dog time slots. If not, then re-acquire a GOOD original.

    Wheel of Fortune would work on Sunday nights from 6 until midnight or 1am, that may sound like a lot of Wheel, but if it's the only "ratings winner" timeslots that Wheel can air, than do it.

    1. Apparently the Match Game audience + adds, GSN makes a lot more money off of that instead of 30 min. Paid Programming. I have no clue what the current rates are but I'm kind of surprised GSN has not added more of their own shows in the 4am and 7am hours, ET. Match Game also serves a much better lead-in to the rest of the morning.

      Your rest of the day through 7pm looks fine, though I'm not confident in Woolery Lingo at all.

      And hey, shows like Love Triangle and Dog Eat Dog are actually getting more than acceptable ratings for their timeslots and the fact that they are reruns of reruns. I do have a feeling Whammy! will take the 10:30am slot weekends soon enough.

      I would love to see DOND back too, on weekends.

    2. If GSN makes more money with there shows then they do infomercials, then I say put some old originals(and they better be GOOD originals) at 4am and 5am, then acquire some classic game shows(ones that they currently don't air) at 6am and 7am.

      You said you're not confident in Woolery Lingo, do you not like Chuck's version or are you afraid it won't do well in ratings?

      Love Triangle just doesn't make any sense to me, and remember earlier this year when Dog Eat Dog had 9 timeslots(5 afternoon and 4 late night), everyone wanted it reduced, and now it has 3 timeslots(1 afternoon and 2 late night), if GSN puts more Dog Eat Dog, the complaints for it are gonna come back.

      Deal or No Deal would do well on weekends or even on Friday nights, it'd probably do better on Friday nights then Baggage, which also makes no sense to me.

  2. Considering SoTC has worked fairly well, maybe GSN could open their purses a little more and get some old favorites from USA/CBN days. Obviously these are in broadcast condition and should be available at a decent price...

    8:00 Match Game
    8:30 Now You See It
    9:00 Press Your Luck
    9:30 Pyramid-Pick a $ value
    10:00 Sale of the Century
    10:30 Scrabble
    11:00 Caesars Challenge(didn't clear in lots of markets in original run, so new to a lot of people)
    11:30 Original Chain Reaction(if 20th repeats are bringing in big rating #s w/ GSN version, get this on the schedule)
    12:00 Password-Pick a run
    12:30 Jackpot(making a possible 3 hour NBC memory block from 10-1)
    1:00 Bullseye
    1:30 $1,000,00 Chance of Lifetime(Good but forgotten game)
    2:00 Catch 21
    2:30 Lingo
    3:00 Dawson Feud
    3:30 Combs Feud
    4:00 Karn Feud
    4:30 Hurley Feud
    5:00 Harvey Feud, rinse, repeat for as many hours as needed
    Lots of variety and nothing double run/repeated to death until Harvey.

    1. Interesting idea. Here's a schedule I just thought of with that idea in mind.
      All times Eastern.

      6:00am What's My Line
      6:30am I've Got a Secret
      7:00am Now You See It
      7:30am Tattletales
      8:00am Match Game
      8:30am Password Plus
      9:00am Super Password
      9:30am Press Your Luck
      10:00am Sale of the Century
      10:30am Scrabble
      11:00am $25,000 Pyramid
      11:30am $100,000 Pyramid
      12:00pm Wheel of Fortune
      12:30pm Jeopardy!
      1:00pm The Joker's Wild
      1:30pm Tic Tac Dough
      2:00pm Catch 21
      2:30pm The Pyramid
      3:00pm Lingo
      3:30pm Chain Reaction
      4:00pm Dawson Feud
      4:30pm Combs Feud
      5:00pm Karn Feud
      5:30pm O'Hurley Feud
      6:00pm Harvey Feud.

      Variety would work really well with this, and they're never ending Feud blocks have Dawson and Combs in them.

  3. Your predictions are all skewing too old for old shows. Do not expect to see classics past 1pm Earern or before 8am Eastern.

    I could see a 4-7pm Feud block cut back from 5-7pm soon enough. And sorry, no Dawson or Combs Feud late weekdays, but the Dawson version might be back for a holiday marathon, I've been hinted from some insiders ;)

    I also highly doubt a P+ return to weekdays, though I'd welcome the change.

    1. The 1 p.m. hour could be easily adjusted w/ something GSN produced or more recent/80s/90s 'new to GSN' product. I could see Scrabble, Caesars, Concentration, etc. doing well in this time slot. I'd like to see ratings if they actually brought in 4-6 new classics in daytime. I think it would be either a huge success or massive failure.