Thursday, October 24, 2013

November 5th, 9pm????

Just happened to check Zap2It for TV Listings going forward through Tuesday, November 5th for the Game Show Network. Recently, as noticed on the advanced schedules, the Tuesday slot all November long at 9pm (ET) had been left blank which would be a lead-out to new episodes of The Chase.

Right now, according to Zap2It, the slot is "To Be Determined". Can't really think of what could go on that slot. I could predict the following:

*NOT Minute to Win It (Ohno). The season finale airs Tuesday.
*MOST LIKELY NOT Dog Eat Dog. The two shows have a Brooke Burns tie-in but that's already used twice on Saturday.
*LIKELY TO BE a rerun of The Chase. Highly doubt they'd squeeze another new episode at late notice.
*MOST PROBABLE for Steve Harvey's Family Feud. I mean, really, what else??


  1. GSN will have to decide what to air here sooner or later.

  2. It's still "To Be Decided". But I noticed this: 'Baggage' airs at 12am ET on Tuesday late night. Whatever airs at 9pm will not repeat at midnight, from the looks.

  3. If it's not going to be repeat, then I have a feeling of what GSN is gonna put in this slot, but I'm not gonna say what it is, because it's something I prefer get no more 'rerun' slots. You probably know exactly what show I'm talking about.