Monday, October 14, 2013

GSN Schedule Odds #2 (Daytime and Primetime)

Here are the latest schedule odds for the percent of the following shows staying in their respective slots in the schedule following the ratings for the week of September 30-October 6:

Schedule odds (previous week)

8:00am Match Game: 87%*
8:30am Match Game: 88%*
9:00am Super Password: 77%
9:30am Press Your Luck: 91%*
10:00am Sale of the Century: 90%*
10:30am $25,000 Pyramid: 74%
11:00am Super Password: 42%
11:30am $100,000 Pyramid: 22%
12:00pm: Family Feud (Karn): 7%
12:30pm: Family Feud (Karn): 45%
1:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 48%
1:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 60%
2:00pm Catch 21: 75%
2:30pm The Pyramid: 92%*
3:00pm Chain Reaction: 92%
3:30pm Chain Reaction: 95%
4:00pm: Family Feud (Karn): 19%
4:30pm: Family Feud (Karn): 20%
5:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 4%
5:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 6%
6:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 81%
6:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 79%

Monday Family Feud (Karn/O'Hurley): 36% versus last week's 57%
Tuesday Minute to Win It (Ohno)/The Chase/Harvey Feud): 0%/0%/99% versus last week's 0/0/98%
Wednesday Family Feud (Harvey): 96% versus last week's 99%
Thursday Newlywed Game/Family Feud (Harvey): 72%/79% versus last week's 81%/82%
Friday Baggage: 50%
Saturday Minute to Win It (Ohno)/Family Feud (Harvey): 27%/85% versus last week's 11%/85%
Sunday Minute to Win It (Ohno): 29% versus last week's 30%

*: May improve to better time slot, more slots or double-run

Green percents and improvement in percent, red percents a decline from the previous week. In bold shows a rise/fall of greater than ten percent.

Calculated by ratings over past five weeks (September 2-October 6) versus daytime average and lead-ins/lead-outs, rise/fall over extended time and previous shows in that time slot. All Times Eastern.


  1. Seeing these ratings, here's what I think will happen to the schedule.
    8:00am-11:00am, Remain the same for now
    11:00am Password Plus OR new classic acquisition
    11:30am Password Plus OR new classic acquisition OR Donny's Pyramid
    12:00pm Lingo OR new classic acquisition
    12:30pm Lingo OR new classic acquisition
    1:00pm Lingo OR Karn Feud
    1:30pm-4:00pm, Remain the same for now
    4:00pm-6:00pm Lingo OR Syndie 5th Grader OR Syndie Millionaire OR Cash Cab
    In case you haven't noticed, I really want Lingo (both versions) to come back to the schedule.
    Monday nights and Friday nights will probably be changed eventually, probably the same thing I think will happen to the 4pm and 5pm weekday hours, and Minute will probably be replaced by The Chase on weekends, though on Sunday nights if The Chase airs at 6pm and 7pm, then Minute would still have the 8pm and 9pm slots, I hope either Wheel of Fortune OR the same thing I think will happen to the 4pm and 5pm weekday hours will take the remaining Minute slots and even some of the Sherriwed slots afterwards.

  2. Sherri Shepherd's The Newlywed Game actually deserves better. All Newlywed Game runs for the week of September 30-October 6 averaged 300,000 viewers which is pretty nice for a generally dull week. Sherri's primetime averages were 274K (Thu. 8-10pm) and 385K (Sun. 10pm-12am). Three Newlywed Game slots made it to the top 20 for the whole week.

    I can not really see Donny's Pyramid coming back but I do want both versions of Lingo. For ratings' sake, the Engvall version mid-late afternoon.

    Mondays have to change soon. An O'Hurley Feud episode had a 103K rating (Mon. 9pm, third worst of the week). Friday is actually in better shape than Monday.

    Lastly, I've be pushing Syndie 5th Grader and Millionaire for a while in late daytime. Wheel of Fortune too, earlier in the day and Sunday primetime.

    1. Another reason for Engvall Lingo: Bill has been getting some publicity from Dancing with the Stars now. It could help GSN a bit.

    2. I've never been a fan of Sherri's, so that's why I've said give a new acquisition some of her slots. I'm not saying Sherri should leave the schedule, I just really want a new acquisition to get some good time slots.

      For Donny's Pyramid, as much as I like his version, I really don't see it coming back either, it was just a thought if classic Pyramid wasn't doing well.

      For Lingo, I agree that Engvall would probably get better ratings, though I hope Woolery gets a timeslot somewhere. DWTS might get Engvall some publicity, as long as GSN does NOT put DWTS back on anywhere at all, I think we can all agree that would be a BAD idea.

      I agree Monday nights need to change, put a new acquisition there and not only will ratings(probably) improve, but 4 hours of Feud will be taken away, which will make the "Too Much Feud" crowd(including myself) a little happier. Friday will eventually need a change as well.

      Syndie 5th Grader, Syndie Millionaire, and Wheel of Fortune would likely do great on GSN. Though for Wheel, if I ran GSN, I would acquire a classic season(late80s-early90s) for the weekday morning/early afternoon timeslot, and then a season from the past 5-6 years for Sunday nights. The older-is-better crowd(which I am a part of) gets a season they'll enjoy, and the recent season gets the ratings GSN wants, it's win-win.

  3. -The new acquisitions are needed for Monday and Friday nights where those nights have been averaging much worse than Thursdays (and late Sundays) for some time. Sherri is nice and snug between Harvey Feud on Thursday and most weeks Thursday nights do very well.

    -I would like Donny's Pyramid too. Would be a great edition or even **HOLIDAY MARATHON** (listen up GSN)

    -Woolery Lingo could do well weekend mornings (I mean if Whammy! can, 2002-07 Lingo could to). GSN loses the rights to Dancing with the Stars in a month (2-year lease)

    -I am part of the too much Feud party, partially, but even on a bad week Feud does well. Monday's Karn/O'Hurley has to go. I have a feeling GSN will be cheap and stick an Ohno/Fieri Minute to Win It block 7-11pm Mon.

  4. If only GSN would read this blog, they would see that acquisitions are wanted and needed throughout the schedule.

    For a holiday marathon, I would like to see a "Pyramid 40th Anniversary" marathon. Similar to last year's Match Game 50th Anniversary marathon, it would include rare episodes, such as 10k, 20k episodes, Donny's Pyramid, then conclude the marathon with 2012 Pyramid. I would like to see this marathon on December 31. I would also like to see a "Press Your Luck 30th Anniversary" marathon, possibly on Christmas Day. Also with rare episodes(1983 Pilot, Michael Larson episodes, 1986 finale, even Big Bucks the Press Your Luck Scandal) and then wrap up the marathon with Whammy.

    I hope Woolery Lingo will gain a weekend slot soon, maybe one of the two Whammy airings or take Love Triangle's timeslot. I'm glad to hear GSN is losing the rights to DWTS(it should've never been acquired in the first place, but I guess GSN has to learn from their mistakes somehow), I just hope GSN doesn't give it a Thanksgi..... nope, I'm not even gonna say it, I'm not giving them any ideas.

    I actually wouldn't be surprised if GSN moves Minute first-runs to Monday night starting November 4, but if it'll burn off the remaining episodes quicker, than I'll take it, but ONLY if it's temporary.

  5. I would love to see some of those Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years marathons you mentioned. All of them. Hopefully GSN could work the magic they did last year the same way here in 2013.

    Good Monday night idea. Could probably do better Thursday night though. But something needs to fill Mondays, and soon.

  6. I'm glad you like my ideas, as part of the older-is-better crowd, I'm trying to get as many classic marathons as possible. In fact, if I ran GSN, every single marathon would be for a classic, I'd obviously try to acquire some new classics so they don't become stale after a while.

    Minute on Monday nights would be fine with me through late November-early December, but then acquire something like Syndie 5th Grader or Syndie Millionaire.