Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GSN reacquires 1 vs. 100

According to the GSN Online Schedule alone, the network has reacquired Bob Saget's 1 vs 100, which aired on NBC from 2006 to 2008 and then reran on GSN from 2009 to 2012. 1 vs 100 will air Tuesday nights, starting November 5th at 9pm (ET), following new episodes of The Chase.


  1. I personally think this is a good move on GSN's part, hopefully 1 vs. 100 will get some more times lots on the schedule, not rerun abused, but giving it a couple more times lots won't hurt. I'm gonna watch this, good move GSN.

  2. Oops, it's supposed to say timeslots instead of times lots. Stupid AutoCorrect.

  3. I agree. With the recent resurgence of Bob Saget's celebrity status, this should pick up a lot more viewers who were too young when it first aired. This truly is the acquisition most of us were hoping for.

  4. Very great quizzer block thanks to GSN. We have the beast and the mob.

    Had a feeling eventually GSN would acquire either 1 vs 100, Power of 10, Deal or No Deal or Million Dollar Password.

    Very good choice with 1 vs 100, GSN

  5. I could see Tuesday nights becoming a "Trivia Tuesday" block once The Chase Season 2 is finished, The Chase and 1 vs. 100 could keep their timeslots, and maybe another quizzer like 5th Grader or Millionaire could be acquired and given the 7pm and/or 10pm slots.

    Good to see GSN re-acquiring 1 vs. 100, I would also like to see Power of 10, Deal or No Deal, and Million Dollar Password get re-acquired and maybe get some weekend slots. *Hint, Hint, GSN**

    I'm gonna watch 1 vs. 100 on Tuesday nights and hopefully it will get a weekend slot soon.

  6. New schedules are up at Game Show Follies for Nov 4-10 and Nov 11-17. Saget gets a lot of slots. Believe it or not, Harvey Feud loses a couple of slots. Other changes here and there.