Thursday, October 31, 2013

GSN Ratings October 21-27, 2013: Harvey 'Feud', 'Baggage' on top

For the last week of October, Steve Harvey's Family Feud consumed all top five slots, and in addition, the top 17 of 25 slots. Other shows in the top 25 for the whole week were The Newlywed Game (4 times), Baggage (3 times), Chain Reaction (once) and John O'Hurley's Family Feud (once).

For the top 50, Family Feud consumed 30 of those slots, all above 348,000 viewers. 26 of those 30 were for the Steve Harvey version, 3 for the John O'Hurley version and 1 for the Richard Karn version.

Minute to Win It (Ohno) airings:
Tuesday 4:00pm: 208,000 viewers
Tuesday 5:00pm: 153,000 viewers
Tuesday 8:00pm: 255,000 viewers (new)
Tuesday 11:00pm: 379,000 viewers
Saturday 8:00pm: 261,000 viewers
Saturday 9:00pm: 257,000 viewers
Sunday 6:00pm: 173,000 viewers
Sunday 7:00pm: 188,000 viewers
Sunday 8:00pm: 232,000 viewers
Sunday 9:00pm: 237,000 viewers
Average: 234,000 viewers

The Chase (airings):
Tuesday 9:00pm: 321,000 viewers

Daytime and Dark
8:00am Match Game 123K
8:30am Match Game 171K
9:00am Super Password 158K
9:30am Press Your Luck 175K
10:00am Sale of the Century 169K
10:30am $25,000 Pyramid 184K
11:00am Super Password 164K
11:30am $100,000 Pyramid 167K
12:00pm Family Feud 129K
12:30pm Family Feud 173K
1:00pm Family Feud 203K
1:30pm Family Feud 254K
2:00pm Catch 21 307K
2:30pm The Pyramid 307K
3:00pm Chain Reaction 322K
3:30pm Chain Reaction 343K
4:00pm Family Feud 286K
4:30pm Family Feud 308K
5:00pm Family Feud 234K
5:30pm Family Feud 228K
6:00pm Family Feud 296K
6:30pm Family Feud 390K
11:00pm Family Feud 304K
11:30pm Family Feud 346K
12:00am Baggage 284K
12:30am Baggage 257K
1:00am Family Feud 254K
1:30am Family Feud 235K
2:00am Family Feud 238K
2:30am Family Feud 228K
3:00am Baggage 170K
3:30am Baggage 170K

Monday Family Feud (7-11PM): 278K
Tuesday Minute/The Chase/Harvey Feud (7-11PM): 339K
Wednesday Family Feud (Harvey) (7-11PM): 454K
Thursday Newlywed Game/Family Feud (Harvey) (7-11PM): 343K; Newlywed Game (8-10PM): 340K
Friday Baggage (7-11PM): 314K [9-11PM Only: 420K]
Sunday Minute to Win It (Ohno) (6-10PM): 208K


  1. The highest rated Harvey airing was Tuesday night, again proving that Wednesday nights are going down. We'll see in January if Mind of a Man can do anything with Wednesday's sagging ratings.

    The lowest rated airing of the week was Karn Feud at noon, proving that GSN needs to put something else in the noon hour, and soon. I say either Lingo or a new classic acquisition would do better there.

  2. Wednesday night was the highest rated night by far and rose from the previous week or two. No issues in primetime this week except Sunday.

  3. I was referring to the fact that the highest rated Harvey episode was not on Wednesday night for the third or fourth straight week. Sunday nights need a change, I say give 1 vs. 100 a timeslot and acquire something else like 5th Grader, Millionaire, or Wheel of Fortune; or with 1 vs. 100 returning, maybe something like Deal or No Deal, Power of 10, or Million Dollar Password can be re-acquired.