Thursday, October 3, 2013

DeRay Davis: Another Steve Harvey-like choice?

Commercial with DeRay and Nikki Minaj
The news has come that D-List, at best, comedian DeRay Davis has been selected by GSN to host Mind of a Man.

We have a 'comedian' who is suppose to have a lot of energy no less. Sure, this is a move towards Steve Harvey who hosts the number one show reran on GSN. Still, hiring DeRay is not a blueprint Feud but it's a movement towards Steve Harvey. By descripition of Mind of a Man, is close to that other survey-based show on GSN that airs 118 times a week.

Come to think of it, this is not the first time someone "funny" has been selected to host GSN's shows. Alfonso Ribeiro, Sherri Shepherd, Jerry Springer and Jeff Foxworthy can all apply. Plus, their shows lasted a long time, for GSN. Then again, Ribeiro, Shepherd, Springer and Foxworthy were all B/C List, pretty good for GSN's hirings.

Mind of a Man is a female-based quizzer where women try to guess what a man is really thinking, based on one-hundred men taking a survey. The forty episodes for Mind of a Man are slated to premiere in very early 2014.


  1. Doesn't this make sense? A black comedian, hosting a survey style show, with women as a target audience, where Amy Davis(is she and DeRay related?) is the head of programming. It's an obvious rip-off of the show hosted by Mr. Rerun(Yes, I'm calling Steve that from now until the foreseeable future). I'm surprised GSN hasn't contacted Fremantlemedia about producing either they're own version or a spin-off of Feud.

    1. This is obviously a react-to-the-audience choice, just by descripition of the show. We'll see how this survey-based-guesser goes, but I hope it does very well.