Thursday, October 17, 2013


Above is the GSN primetime/overall viewership average for the week of October 7-13, 2013.

TVNeswer, (forwarded on GameShowFollies where I notice the number usually) published that number, the worst average for GSN in primetime since the week of May 14-20, 2012 and the lowest overall average since the week of December 10-16, 2012. Together, the numbers haven't been this terrible since the presence of Dancing with the Stars.

It all has to do with the following:

1) There is no presence of a strong original on the schedule while GSN had very strong numbers with The Chase new runs, American Bible Challenge and when Minute to Win It (Ohno) was in its peak.

2) The "wear and tear" (as the famous Casey Abell describes it) of Family Feud. The Karn and O'Hurley numbers have been thinning week after week while the Harvey numbers have fallen just slightly, more so in the 6pm hour weekdays than anywhere else.

3) Very dull schedule right now, which happened two years ago now (September-October 2011) and about a year ago now (October-Early December 2012), to be more exact. No fresh acquisitions, plus a lot of the schedule needs a shake up.

This can't be too excellent for The Chase. Before the premieres of The Chase season 1 and American Bible Challenge (both) GSN viewership was fairly high overall with show like Family Feud and 5th Grader. Now, 5th Grader is axed and Feud is overrun but not watched enough as it should be.

According to the latest schedule updates, nothing else yet through November. Hopefully December, crossing my fingers for sooner.


  1. These numbers look terrible, hopefully they'll improve once The Chase season 2 premieres.

    The "wear and tear" is wearing and tearing half the schedule, if the numbers are decreasing for Feud, than that's PROOF that GSN shows it too much and need to cut back(LISTEN TO US GSN, ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE US MAD?)

    It seems like every year at this time of year the GSN schedule looks as dull as it could possibly be, crossing my fingers for new acquisitions and schedule changes(and they better be GOOD acquisitions and changes).

  2. Certainly thinning numbers will entice a reduce in showings, that's how television works. And consider the fact that the loyal viewers, many classics fans, doesn't make up much of the 270/232, whether it be the 1 Million plus that watch Bible, or the 500k+ who watch Harvey regularly, or the 100-200k+ who watch the morning classics. If we made up the large amount of GSN's audience, then we would see more classics because there's more demand for that. In this case, it isn't (necessarily). Would the same 500k timeslots of Harvey get the same numbers if What's My Line, Classic Newlywed Game, Match Game, Press Your Luck, etc. aired then? Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it.

    No question GSN needs some sort of refresh, and an acquisition would be a real treat, especially for Sunday. This is just going to be a waiting game for now it seems. I would really appreciate something to be thrown into the 12pm and 1pm hour considering how "not-too-hot" it's doing, maybe save the 1:30pm half-hour... but hey, 10:30am Pyramid and PYL did better on average this week.

    As mentioned, we'll just have to wait for now and take a look at the numbers for this week, should be out tomorrow... and see if the pattern of declining numbers for Feud continues. If this continues, give it another week or two, I'm certain GSN will start reducing and replacing where it needs it.

    1. I would like to see GSN give classics another chance in the 12pm (ET) hour. When they scheduled 100K/25K Pyramid, it was too much with the 10am hour and the ratings suffered. Somehow, the block lasted nine months.

      Maybe Match Game/Sale of the Century or Match Game/Press Your Luck could work, without other changes.

      The O'Hurley Feud hour at 1pm is getting some respectful numbers, though the whole schedule is weak with nothing new and exciting.

  3. I agree that classics should be back in the noon hour. I would suggest either give Match Game the entire hour, or give shows like Sale of the Century, Press Your Luck, Password Plus, or a new classic acquisition that slot.

    O'Hurley seems to be doing well in the 1pm hour, I say keep that slot but replace the 5pm slot with something else.

    1. A double run of Match Game at noon could work but I would be afraid that a) Would pull viewers away from the 8am hour b) Too old, too late in the morning

      I thought O'Hurley Feud in the 5pm hour six months to a year ago was a great idea, which for a while it worked sandwiched between Karn and Harvey. But now I want it gone.

    2. I see what your saying about Match Game, I would suggest put a classic from the 80s in the noon hour like Sale of the Century, Press Your Luck, Password Plus, or a new classic acquisition.

      6 months ago, O'Hurley Feud at 5pm was a good idea, but now I hope it(and Karn Feud at 4pm) will be replaced on the schedule soon, but I say let O'Hurley keep the 1pm hour, he's getting really good ratings there, for now.