Saturday, September 28, 2013

Year to Year

Here are some GSN numbers comparing the first three weeks of September 2012 versus September 2013.

*GSN averaged 441K/300K (Primetime/Total Day) for September 3-9, 2012. Compared to September 2-8, 2013, Primetime numbers are down 16 percent and daytime numbers are down 11 percent. GSN averaged 372K/268K (primetime/total day) September 2-8, 2013.

*GSN averaged 407K/262K for September 10-16, 2012. Compared to September 9-15, 2013, primetime is down 17 percent and daytime is up one percent. GSN averaged 339K/264K the week of September 9-15, 2013.

*GSN averaged 460K/283K for the week of September 17-23, 2012. Compared to September 16-22, 2013, primetime numbers are down 32 percent and the overall average is down less than one percent. GSN averaged 314K/268K the week of September 16-22, 2013.

One thing I can tell you is the presence of American Bible Challenge a year ago really helped. More Chain Reaction, Family Feud and refreshed classics has helped daytime only slightly but that's about it.


  1. I've proposed a new slogan for GSN and I'm waiting to hear back from them...'All Feud, All the Time' @ (G)reat (S)teve (N)etwork.

  2. Good idea, but Steve's Feud does get cut back from 4-6pm starting tomorrow, 9/30. Of course, Karn and O'Hurley replace Harvey's two hours.

    It's kinda weird how they switched the versions in and out. Never got why.