Monday, September 2, 2013

Source: 'Minute to Win It' cancelled

Right off the heels of GSN's Minute to Win It Labor Day Marathon, a source from the network is telling GameShowNetworkNews that the Game Show Network has no plans to renew Apolo Ohno-hosted Minute to Win It, which is currently cycling through it's first season.

Seventeen (including May 23rd preview) episodes of forty have already aired.

Since June 25th, new runs of Minute to Win It have averaged 420,000 viewers, with a peak of 596,000 viewers on August 6th. The 18-49 demographic, a key demo in which GSN was trying to get with their new version of Minute to Win It has not been too strong in recent weeks.

Minute to Win It reruns have not held up too strongly ever since The Chase came around either. Most reruns have been seen viewership well below 300,000 viewers/households. Minute to Win It (Ohno) has had three of the lowest rated episodes yet on Tuesday, August 13th, 20th and 27th with 329,000 viewers, 356,000 viewers and 335,000 viewers.

Remember, people. Failure of originals=More Family Feud.


  1. You have no sources. Minute to Win It isn't cancelled. They made 40. Since they run them once a week, that's enough to last them forever. Until GSN gets back in the daily half hour game show world, you won't see many orders this large anyway. The Chase had a second season ordered and still hasn't produced half the number of episodes of Minute to Win It.

    1. Oh, look at the ratings and the 18-49 demos that were suppose to be so wonderful.

      Just because they made 40 doesn't mean it will get a second season. Plus, effective September 9th, GSN will go back to running to a week just like they used to.

      8 or so episodes of Ohno MTWI would have made a ton more sense, but GSN is ever so desperate for younger demos, furthermore they tried to order as many episodes as earthly possible.

      I don't see GSN producing half-hour dailies anytime soon. Even "Mind of a Man" will be "Stack-scheduled" somehow, provided they are half-hour episodes like they're suppose to be.

      If you hear anything, say so. Thanks.

  2. "Minute to Win It reruns have not held up too strongly ever since The Chase came around either."

    Truth to tell, Chase reruns haven't held up all that strongly, either. In the latest published week (August 19-25) the repeats averaged 263K, about the same as GSN's total day average, despite mostly favorable timeslots. The network has cut the show back to a couple repeats a week, and I'm afraid that even those slots may not last unless the numbers improve.

    It's certainly possible that GSN may not renew Minute, just because they already have so many eps on the shelf. But I haven't heard anything and I doubt that any final decision has been made.

    1. Cut: Saturday 8-10pm; Tuesday 4pm-6pm. Everything else I can see remaining stable.

      GSN has never officially cancelled any of their shows. For all we know, Catch 21 will get renewed for a fifth season today ;)

      I do see a 'Minute' new run hiatus coming down the road, soon.

    2. It all depends on how you define cancelled. GSN doesn't officially "cancel" shows, but every show is under their control for a certain period of time. Usually that's one year after broadcast of the first episode. So if there aren't any new episodes being produced, the producers can take the show to another network. That's obviously not likely since the show didn't do well enough to merit more production at GSN. So unless GSN formally cancels Minute to Win It--which it hasn't and won't do--if they don't produce new ones within a year, it's essentially cancelled.