Saturday, September 14, 2013

Richard. John. Steve.

Family Feud now consumes forty-three percent of the GSN schedule (59 of 138 hours), up 11% from September 2012 and 28% from September 2011.

With the news this week of a lot more Steve Harvey Family Feud on the schedule, some posters seem to dislike this news, big time.  Steve Harvey's Family Feud has been beyond dominant on the GSN schedule in the past year and a half.

This exchanging one-version-for-another Feud move is no surprise to me, and here's why:

1) Karn versus O'Hurley versus Harvey: Every week Harvey's hour at 6pm beat out the earlier two hours by tens of thousands of viewers each week, and some weeks, around 100,000 viewers. From the weekly averages below, there is zero reason not to give Harvey Feud at least one more hour every day:

7/1: Karn: 381K; O'Hurley: 314K; Harvey: 403K
7/8: Karn: 310K; O'Hurley: 251K; Harvey: 391K
7/15: Karn: 310K; O'Hurley: 268K; Harvey: 431K
7/22: Karn: 378K; O'Hurley: 326K; Harvey: 421K
7/29: Karn: 336K; O'Hurley: 275K; Harvey: 446K
8/5: Karn: 406K; O'Hurley: 327K; Harvey: 470K
8/12: Karn: 331K; O'Hurley: 291K; Harvey: 439K
8/19: Karn: 266K; O'Hurley: 280K; Harvey: 394K
8/26: Karn: 334K; O'Hurley: 262K; Harvey: 371K
9/2: Karn: 317K; O'Hurley: 308K; Harvey: 414K
Average: Karn: 337K; O'Hurley: 290K; Harvey: 418K

2) Karn Feud drop: GSN is trying to obtain more of an audience post-Chain Reaction, their highest rated hour pre-6pm. On average each week, Richard Karn's Feud [at 4pm] saw a 20% drop or more after Chain Reaction [at 3pm].

3) Harvey much more dominant around schedule: By numbers from SonoftheBronx, Steve Harvey's Family Feud in all airings averaged 332,000 viewers versus John O'Hurley Feud, which averaged 338,000 viewers and Richard Karn's 274,000 viewers. O'Hurley Feud, this week, was the highest rated version slightly. Though, subtract twenty late-night airings, Harvey's version averaged 390,000 viewers (all airings before 1am ET).

4) The presence of Karn/O'Hurley earlier in the day: GSN figures they can't air four hours of Karn/O'Hurley Feud an afternoon, in which even airing two Karn hours at once was risky and produced moderate results. Meanwhile, Harvey Feud works better in a marathon format.

Even with this mass edition of Family Feud (5 of 7 hours of afternoons now), I get this change. Family Feud is really the only show working on the schedule now in mass amounts. Not Minute to Win It, Dog Eat Dog, Whammy!, Chain Reaction and 5th Grader is gone.

Sure, I would like to see new acquisitions like syndie 5th Grader and Millionaire in those timeslots but that is not going to work unless Harvey Feud crashes.

With this change, Steve Harvey's Family Feud has 82 slots on the schedule. Richard Karn and the John O'Hurley version notably have 18 each, for a total of 118 Feud slots on the schedule, 59 hours, 43% of the schedule.


  1. All right bring back Dawson Feud in the we can have more Family Feud!!!

    1. Oh it may be gone for mornings, daily, but I have a strange feeling it will be back for a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas marathon

      Hint Hint

  2. Long term this will kill the network. Remember this in about a year. No one can watch this much of one program.