Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Reality? (Again?)

Edit: This post and linked article was done before Skin Wars was in development.

This article happened to slip by the other week. Variety reports upon game shows, and their future on American Television. The article talks about shows including Million Second Quiz, The Chase, American Bible Challenge and then discusses the one and only Steve Harvey.

Towards the bottom of the article, Amy Introcaso-Davis, current Programming exec head at GSN bases game shows towards current human behavior and fresh formats. Introcaso-Davis also tells Variety how easy it is to film game shows, since in one day up to five episodes can be filmed.

Variety mentions the following:

Introcaso-Davis is hoping to expand GSN beyond the stereotypical idea of game, and more toward the reality waters.

Well, we know what has happened with Instant Recall, Unstapled, Improv and most recently under Introcaso-Davis, Family Trade. Reality (on Game Show Network) doesn't work and once again, GSN does not learn from their mistakes. 

In the Spring, reruns of 5th Grader, Richard's Karn Family Feud, classic Pyramid and Press Your Luck managed to beat out Family Trade, while new runs of Minute to Win It and The Chase are doing much more than decent, but still not lighting up the world like American Bible Challenge.

Still, when several reruns of 5 to 30 year old game shows beat out your newest original in the Nielsons, that says a lot.

Introcaso-Davis in the same quote mentions how she would wish to create reality similar to Pawn Stars. Haven't they done that already?


  1. Don't bother quoting her. She has no experience in game shows. Neither did Kelly Goode. Neither does Goldhill or anyone at that network. That's why they screwed up Pyramid and Lingo. It took Bob Boden to give us The Chase and fend off the stupidity that GSN must have fed him constantly. You should be quoting him and others who know what they're doing. No one at GSN can be on that list.

  2. As long as Amy Davis is in charge, reality will be developed and my viewership will be condensed.