Sunday, September 15, 2013

'Minute to Win It' Episode 19 recap.

Airdate: 9/10/2013 8PM

Team Golden Boys already have $2,000 from Episode 18.

Level 3 ($3,000): Office Dominoes: One contestant must balance eleven stacks of paper in a domino form to ring a bell at the end of the chain reaction.

Ryan plays. Ryan fails to complete Office Dominoes.

Team Golden Boys have two lives remaining.

Office Dominoes (2): Ryan plays. Ryan completes the task in 60 seconds.

Level 4 ($5,000): This Blows: Both contestants play. Both must inflate separate balloons to blow fifteen cups off the table.

Team Golden Boys complete This Blows in 40 seconds.

Level 5 ($10,000): Raisin The Bar: One contestant must snap raisin boxes out from under glass bottles, without the glasses falling over.

Ryan plays. Ryan completes the task in ten seconds.

Team Golden Boys are guaranteed $10,000.

Level 6 ($15,000): Dangerous Curves: One contestant must build a race track on a table. The marble going through the race track must land in a glass cup.

Chris plays. Chris completes Dangerous Curves in 48 seconds.

Level 7 ($25,000): Broomski Ball: One contestant must roll a ball into three different containers, lower, medium and higher.

Ryan plays, fails to complete the task.

Team Golden Boys have one life remaining.

Broomski Ball (2): Ryan plays. Ryan completes Broomski Ball in 23 seconds.

$25,000 is guaranteed for Team Golden Boys.

Level 8 ($50,000): Horseplay: One contestant must blow colored balls to their corresponding horseshoes on a sideways table.

Chris plays. Chris completes Horseplay in 46 seconds.

Level 9 ($100,000): Uphill Battle: One contestant, on a curved table, must keep three marbles from falling off the edges of a table using a spoon.

Chris plays. Chris fails to complete Uphill Battle.

Team Golden Boys have zero lives remaining.

Team Golden Boys leave with $25,000.

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