Sunday, September 15, 2013

'Minute to Win It' Episode 18 recap.

Airdate: 9/10/2013 7PM

Team Survivors: Jeff and Roy have been friends for fifteen years, both survived near-fatal car crashes. They are playing for money for a vacation.

Level 1 ($1,000): Octopus: One contestant must twirl long ribbons from under water bottles. Must be completed three times for twelve chances.

Jeff plays. Jeff completes Octopus in 26 seconds.

Team Survivors are guaranteed $1,000.

Level 2 ($2,000): Puddle Jumper: One contestant must blow a ping pong ball from one cup to another, three times.

Jeff plays. Jeff completes Puddle Jumper in 44 seconds.

Level 3 ($3,000): Ruler of the World: One contestant must balance a marble down a yard stick and stick the marble in a whole in the other end of the yard stick.

Roy completes the task in 16 seconds.

Level 4 ($5,000): Brush with Danger: Contestants play as a team. With two strings and both contestants 13 feet away must use one hand to place a toothbrush into a tooth holder at the center of the obstacle.

Team Survivors fail to complete Brush with Danger in sixty seconds.

Team Survivors have two lives remaining.

Brush with Danger (2): Team Survivors complete the task in 39 seconds.

Level 5 ($10,000): Egg Tower: One contestant must use four paper towel rolls to build a tower. An egg must be placed between the towel tubes and at the top of the tower.

Roy plays. Roy fails to complete the task.

Team Survivors have one life remaining.

Egg Tower (2): Roy plays. Roy completes Egg Tower in 53 seconds.

Team Survivors are guaranteed $10,000.

Level 6 ($15,000): Speed Eraser: Contestants will play as a team. Each contestant needs to bounce the eraser end of a pencil into their respective eight glasses. One pencil per glass.

Team Survivors fail to complete Speed Eraser.

Team Survivors have zero lives remaining.

Team Survivors leave with $10,000.
Team Golden Boys: Chris and Ryan are friends both playing to fund their trip across the country.

Level 1 ($1,000): Nosedive: One contestant must travel one cotton ball from one bowl to another by using glue on their nose. Must be completed five times.

Chris plays. Chris completes Nosedive in 49 seconds.

Team Golden Boys are guaranteed $1,000.

Level 2 ($2,000) Face the Cookie: Both contestants play. Both must set a cookie on their forehead and without hands must move the cookie to their mouth.

Team Golden Boys complete the task in 25 seconds.

Continued in Episode 19....

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