Sunday, September 1, 2013

'Minute to Win It' Episode 16 recap.

Airdate: 8/27/2013

Team Hang Ten: A husband and wife, Cyndi and Steven are playing to raise money for their medical bills and a trip to Italy for themselves and their daughter.

Level 1 ($1,000): Baby Rattle: One contestant must shake two groups of two (2-liter) bottles to shake bouncing balls from one end to another.

Cyndi plays. She completes Baby Rattle in 59 seconds.

Team Hang Ten is guaranteed $1,000.

Level 2 ($2,000): Whack Attack: One contestant will attempt to smack down ten pens into a water bottle. All the pens must stay down in the glass.

Cyndi plays. Cyndi completes Whack Attack in 55 seconds.

Level 3 ($3,000): Ready Spaghetti: Both contestants to play. One contestant will pick up a string of spaghetti and with their teeth, put the string into a soda can lid and both contestants will attempt to carry the soda can with their teeth attached to the spaghetti string to another table.

Cyndi and Steven fail to complete Ready Spaghetti.

Team Hang Ten has two lives remaining.

Ready Spaghetti (2): Team Hang Ten completes Ready Spaghetti in 52 seconds.

Level 4 ($5,000): Flip Your Lid: One contestant must flip a plastic cup from a table onto the top of a bottle a foot away.

Steven plays. Steven completes Flip Your Lid in 25 seconds.

Level 5 ($10,000): Office Tennis: Contestants play as a team. With clipboards, both contestants standing across from each other must try to bounce a paper ball into a bin across the circle.

Team Hang Ten completes the task on one try, in 9 seconds.

Team Hang Ten is guaranteed $10,000.

Level 6 ($15,000): Pong5: One contestant must try to bounce five plastic balls in a row into a glass. 20 chances/glasses are given.

Steven plays. He fails to complete Pong5 in sixty seconds.

Team Hang Ten has one life remaining.

Pong5 (2): Cyndi plays. Cyndi completes Pong5 in 17 seconds.

Level 7 ($25,000): Caddy Stick: One contestant must stack three golf balls, one on top of the other.

Steven plays. He fails to complete Caddy Stack in sixty seconds.

Team Hang Ten has zero lives remaining, leaves with $10,000.

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