Sunday, September 22, 2013

'Minute' predicions

Sorry Apolo Ohno and Minute to Win It fans, but this GSN version may not be long for this world even after some respectful ratings.

I have no clue if the show is going to get pulled or not, but looking at the massive twelve slots a week the Ohno version currently has on the schedule, GSN is trying to get all the exposure out of the show while they can, even though the ratings are barely close to respectable.

As of the latest schedule changes, GSN will air two-a-week on September 24th then one-a-week Tuesdays following October 1st through the 29th.

My guess: GSN will keep airing one-a-week for Minute on Tuesday nights through Tuesday, October 29th. The Chase Season 2 Premieres November 5th, and furthermore, Minute to Win It would definitely not be a lead-in to The Chase new episodes. In this case, by October 29th, 29 of 40 Minute episodes would have aired.

Maybe if GSN gives Minute to Win It a hiatus, new episodes would be welcomed back and perform better after an extended break. I have a feeling some new episodes may be burned off in a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas marathon.

The first six weeks of Minute to Win It averaged 426,000 viewers, which was from June 25th to July 30th. After The Chase premiered August 6th, not one new episode of Minute has come close to 400,000 viewers, a standard number for a successful original.

For the weeks of August 6th through September 10th, Minute to Win It new runs have averaged 340,000 viewers


  1. Minute definitely needs a break. Although I hope it does not get any more marathons, if they bring it back on Tuesday nights after The Chase season 2 is complete, it could work. If not, then it'll probably be gone by the end of the year.

  2. I wouldn't mind that at all. I will say this... being a 40-episode GSN Original, I feel that after all the shows have been aired, slowing down the reruns for a few months, then I think this version of Minute would work great in the 1pm timeslot weekdays. If they have enough eps of Engvall's Lingo and The Pyramid to rerun for some months, at 5 per week, I think it'll do better overall and would fit nicely for the better part of Q2 to the end of 2014.