Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I really, really think...

Wheel of Fortune is coming to GSN soon. No reports, no sources, just complete thought from myself and only myself.

5th Grader leaves the schedule, even though it did well. The Chase ends prematurely, even though ratings were fine. The same happened in 2011 with Newlywed Game & Baggage new runs pausing. Then, two years ago, GSN acquired popular 5th Grader and Dancing with the Stars.

Sunday nights do not offer much. Pretty much a vacant schedule, mostly. Those Minute to Win It (Ohno) reruns aren't going to last long, while they'll only hurt The Newlywed Game later on. For early afternoons, that two hour Feud block won't stay intact either for long, if at all.

GSN has been making a lot more money lately off of Steve Harvey Family Feud reruns, along with other reruns doing very well all of a sudden around the schedule including Chain Reaction, Baggage, The Newlywed Game and more 2000's Family Feud. GSN has the money for this acquisition.

Wheel of Fortune also has the "familiar to everybody" charm that Family Feud has. Wheel remains popular to the young and the old, just like Feud.

Who knows. It may not be Wheel of Fortune. It could be The Price Is Right or Let's Make a Deal depending on that contract/leasing status mess. All I think (but do not know by all means) is that some big acquisition is on its way to tiny GSN.


  1. And I think it's time too, I mean GSN hasn't acquired anything since Sale and New Harvey Feud (If that counts), of course extending the classics episode count. Cheers to GSN if they pick up Wheel, I think it would make for a great primetime... maybe Sunday? I'm with you here Scott, 5th Grader goes away, something's probably around the corner.

  2. New Harvey Feud in March 2013 doesn't count. GSN has not acquired an episode of Steve Harvey Feud since March 2012. $ale was a minor acquisition.

    And I do understand that Wheel of Fortune can not air after 3pm (ET) and before 1am (ET), just like J!