Friday, September 6, 2013

GSN Ratings August 26-September 1, 2013: Harvey, O'Hurley 'Feud' hot

For the last full week in August, Family Feud consumed the top 10 of 11 slots but the Steve Harvey version was not alone. In the top 25, Chain Reaction had four slots, The Newlywed Game had two slots and The Chase had one slot. The rest were occupied by Family Feud, 15 of 25 for Steve Harvey's version.

Family Feud took the top 60 of 100 slots. Steve Harvey's version took 42 of 60, 9 of 60 for Richard Karn's version and 9 of 60 for the John O'Hurley's version.

The Chase:
Tuesday 4:00pm: 218,000 viewers
Tuesday 9:00pm: 506,000 viewers
Tuesday 12:00am: 260,000 viewers
Friday 8:00pm: 170,000 viewers
Friday 9:00pm: 208,000 viewers
Saturday 2:00pm: 166,000 viewers
Saturday 7:00pm: 237,000 viewers
Saturday 8:00pm: 287,000 viewers
Sunday 7:00pm: 316,000 viewers

Minute to Win It (Ohno):
Tuesday 5:00pm: 184,000 viewers
Tuesday 8:00pm: 335,000 viewers
Tuesday 11:00pm: 332,000 viewers
Friday 7:00pm: 144,000 viewers
Saturday 9:00pm: 314,000 viewers
Sunday 6:00pm: 299,000 viewers

Daytime and Dark
8:00am Match Game 157K
8:30am Match Game 230K
9:00am Super Password 223K
9:30am Press Your Luck 219K
10:00am Sale of the Century 225K
10:30am $25,000 Pyramid 228K
11:00am Super Password 211K
11:30am $100,000 Pyramid 197K
12:00pm Family Feud 169K
12:30pm Family Feud 220K
1:00pm 5th Grader 299K
2:00pm Catch 21 294K
2:30pm The Pyramid 336K
3:00pm Chain Reaction 376K
3:30pm Chain Reaction 403K
4:00pm Family Feud 331K
4:30pm Family Feud 336K
5:00pm Family Feud 250K
5:30pm Family Feud 273K
6:00pm Family Feud 335K
6:30pm Family Feud 406K
11:00pm Family Feud 325K
11:30pm Family Feud 365K
12:00am Baggage 305K
12:30am Baggage 264K
1:00am Family Feud 254K
1:30am Family Feud 264K
2:00am Family Feud 234K
2:30am Family Feud 227K
3:00am Baggage 183K
3:30am Baggage 174K

Monday Family Feud (7-11PM): 411K
Tuesday (7-11PM): 403K;  MTWI: 335K; The Chase: 506K; Harvey Feud: 386K
Wednesday Family Feud (Harvey): 481K
Thursday Newlywed Game/Harvey Feud: 364K; Newlywed Game (8-10PM): 375K; Harvey Feud (7, 10PM): 353K
Friday MTWI/Baggage/Chase: 183K; Baggage (10-11PM): 211K
Sunday 5th Grader (8-10PM): 390K


  1. The overall averages for the week were 380K/286K prime time/total day, based on Douglas Pucci's numbers. Another very good week by the network's historical standards, in line with the ratings roll that GSN has been on lately.

    The network still claims 77 million available households. There was talk at the upfront of topping 80 million. Maybe they have a few deals with service providers in the pipeline. Upping household availability naturally tends to increase viewer numbers.

  2. GSN averaged 380K/296K the week of August 12-18, therefore a number like 380K/286K for the most recent week is not that uncommon by 2012/13 standards, which is when the network has been on this high.

    Nothing in daytime is specifically weighing numbers down. The 5pm Feud hour should go, or at least convert to the Steve Harvey version.

  3. Your comment about changing 5p.m. to Harvey leads me to a question. Do you know if the GSN contract for Harvey Feud has any ep. limits? Could they basically go Feud 20/7? I know some distributors(sitcoms/dramas) lease their product by time/limited episodes to avoid burn out over a short time, which should be happening on the Feud front very soon.

    1. No Feud cap, at all. If I were GSN, the easiest, simple schedule change is airing Harvey Feud weekdays from 5-7pm ET.

      Burnout for Feud soon? Harvey, NO. Karn, doubtful. An O'Hurley cutback is imminent, I would say.

  4. I'm thinking between broadcast AND GSN too much saturation will bring down Feud somewhat. Especially the GSN ratings. Not sure if it's long term, but a station in the Columbia MO market is running back-to-back-to-back-to-back Harvey Feud starting this week. Not sure if it's a placeholder for an hour until something premieres next week, but it definitely grabbed my attention.