Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GSN Late-Afternoon Schedule Changes: Karn/O'Hurley OUT; Harvey IN

According to the GSN Online Schedule, the following schedule changes are in effect for Thursday 9/12, Friday 9/13, Monday 9/16 and Tuesday 9/17. No other dates have been published yet.

4:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces Karn Feud)
4:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces Karn Feud)
5:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces O'Hurley Feud)
5:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces O'Hurley Feud)

The 3pm hour remains Chain Reaction.

There will be no Minute reruns on Tuesday afternoons, according to the schedule now.

Who knows yet if Wednesday 9/18 if Steve Harvey's Family Feud from 4-6pm, meaning eight hours of Harvey Feud.

All Times Eastern.


  1. Well, the 4pm and 5pm hours have lost my viewership, and my grandmother's viewership as well.

  2. This is starting to get scary, I mean I know there's enough Feud to go around, but this is incredibly weird. I just don't get it.

  3. We need Dawson Feud now...especially in the mornings...

  4. I know GSN is trying to be all diverse and whatnot, but this is ridiculous!

  5. Yes, I checked the GSN online schedule today and there WILL be eight hours of Harvey Feud on Wednesday. WHY THE HELL DID THEY DO THIS? Anyone, please answer me! I really want to protest to GSN, how do I send a letter to them? I only watch Karn and O'Hurley's Feud and nothing else. This will take a big dip for GSN in viewership, I can guarantee that.

    1. They're adding more Steve Harvey Feud because its there number one rated show, big time. I've never seen anything close to Harvey Feud domination. DOND never came close to this.

      I could imagine this strategy working throughout the Fall but then dying off. Then again, the late-night two hours have held up for a year now.

      Karn Feud has been sorta down lately in the 4pm hour and O'Hurley Feud was just stinking up late-afternoons. Change needed to happen.

  6. However, the 4pm hour of Karn Feud was the only time they were showing his third season, which I was beginning to enjoy to watch. GSN better put that season in a different time slot and not ban that season altogether or I'm starting a HUGE rant.