Monday, September 9, 2013

Final 'Chase' Review

It is over, for now.

GSN's The Chase has shut down new episodes for a few months, with a needed hiatus between the first and second season. The Chase proved to be a Summer success for the Game Show Network, in which all the episodes I viewed.

My thoughts originally for The Chase were that the show would be a very fast-paced quizzer with not a lot of humor and top-notch contestants. For the most part, I was right. The contestants did have more energy than, say, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? at the beginning, but most great game shows cast contestants with great energy or else you would not have a great game show.

The questions did sort of drag, sometimes over commercials. Nothing as slow as 5th Grader and much faster than Millionaire. The dragging was partially the fact that there were three contestants an episode of GSN's version, versus four overseas.

Nothing was particularly wrong with The Chase. It's only the fact that GSN taped the second season while the first season aired, whereas GSN should have waited until later to tape the second season to see bugs and quarks with the first season, looking at overall ratings.

Brooke Burns carries The Chase well, where she shows chemistry with Mark Labbett, The Beast. Speaking of Labbett, I did feel like some of the jokes/contestant taunting were almost scripted, but still humorous.

The whole first season of The Chase averaged 463,000 viewers, which by all means for GSN, is great. The first six weeks of Apolo Ohno Minute to Win It averaged 426,000 viewers. Both originals have done exceptional, but not fantastic. The Chase still has the numbers to stick around GSN for a while longer, which is why The Chase gets a once-a-week rerun Tuesday nights.

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