Friday, September 13, 2013

Chain Reaction stats

A while back I said that the double-run Chain Reaction would not last much longer, getting cut out by then, the early Summer. Well, I was wrong. Very wrong.

Chain Reaction has really surprised all of us, especially since it got that double run back in December. The numbers for six to seven year old runs of Chain Reaction have perked in the past eight months or so. Chain Reaction has always been a top daytime ratings' winner with the GSN audience.

Still, on some occasions but not too rarely the top numbers a broadcast day can come from the 3pm hour where Chain Reaction airs, topping primetime runs of Richard Karn or John O'Hurley Family Feud and The Newlywed Game.

Some Chain Reaction stats are below. Hours that averaged over 350,000 viewers are in bold, and there are more of those slots as of recently:

December 10-14, 2012: 252K
December 17-21: 308K
December 27-28: 340K
January 2-4, 2013: 297K
January 7-11: 331K
January 14-18: 337K
January 21-25: 322K
January 28-February 1: 385K
February 4-8: 332K
February 11-15: 368K
February 18-22: 391K
February 25-March 1: 351K
March 4-8: 418K
March 12-15: 333K
March 18-22: 428K
March 25-29: 392K
April 1-5: 338K
April 8-12: 307K
April 15-19: 342K
April 22-26: 320K
April 29-May 3: 315K
May 6-10: 361K
May 13-17: 356K
May 20-24: 407K
May 28-31: 376K
June 3-7: 324K
June 10-14: 388K
June 17-21: 365K
June 24-28: 366K
July 1-5: 375K
July 8-12: 381K
July 15-19: 419K
July 22-26: 356K
July 29-August 2: 360K
August 5-9: 390K
August 12-16: 401K
August 19-23: 337K
August 26-30: 390K

Well, Chain Reaction has not worked out too well in primetime (Really should of stayed Fridays but GSN wasn't liking the 18-49 demos, from my understanding), and I'm sure with iffy but not horrible numbers from Love Triangle, Chain Reaction will most likely be back somewhere on weekends again.

I do question if GSN would do a revival of Chain Reaction. I think that would be a great idea, but what do I know? ;)


  1. Chain Reaction is one of the few things I still enjoy watching on GSN. I would love to see a revival, it would certainly be a gazillion times better than this tattoo crap they're producing.

  2. You'd think they'd learn. Chain Reaction, Woolery Lingo, Whammy all do well for them and don't cost a fortune to make. But then they give us Tattoo bs. How do these people still have jobs?