Sunday, August 25, 2013


This is definitely not related to GSN but it's game show-ish.

Whodunnit, a "reality competition series" as described finished it's season finale on a high note on ABC Sunday night. In case you did not know, a pool of thirteen contestants are brought into a mansion. Each episode, a contestant is "murdered" and the rest of the guests try to figure out who the murderer was. The murderer remains the same person for the entire series.

Pool of contestants
Renewal?: The question floating around now is a second season for Whodunnit. Even though after some soft but decent numbers, for several weeks dropping after lead-in Secret Millionaire, I would not see ABC renewing Whodunnit for a second season.

Whodunnit does get expensive. Sure, some the contestants are not actors, therefore they're not paid. Though, each episode can cost up to $750,000 per episode and 250 people (makeup artists, filming, editing, animals) involved in the show. I would think if ABC wanted to renew Whodunnit, they would have finalized a renewal by now.

GSN: Whodunnit sounds awfully familiar to GSN's The Impostor, which from Whodunnit, GSN could learn a lot from. GSN's The Impostor has had several casting calls since February but nothing has yet to turn up. The casting calls looked for "fun and exciting families, with enthusiastic Mothers, Fathers, Children, Aunts, Uncles and even Grandparents."

Finesse Mitchell has/had joined The Impostor in some shape or form, most likely as host (Steve Harvey-effect) Since that announcement in June, no known pilot has been filmed.


  1. Please explain the similarities between Whodunnit and the Imposter. And please explain what the Steve Harvey effect is. And try not to sound too racist when you do it.

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    2. Ok, so the shows have nothing in common, and the only thing Mitchell has in common with Harvey is the color of his skin. Got it.