Wednesday, August 28, 2013

'The Chase' UP; 'Minute to Win It' DOWN

Source: SonoftheBronx/Douglas Pucci

GSN's Minute to Win It last night, Tuesday 8/27 at 8pm received 335,000 total viewers. This is down 7% from last week's 356,000 total viewers. The 18-49 demo for Minute to Win It was 50,000, down from all other weeks.

GSN's The Chase last night at 9pm garnered 506,000 total viewers. This is up 21% from last week's 401,000 total viewers. The 18-49 demo for The Chase was 130,000 viewers.

The 2-Hour block averaged 421,000 total viewers. That is well above any other primetime average since May.

Reaction: Great number for The Chase, second highest rated episode (8/6: 511,000 viewers). The Chase also had an impressive enough 18-49 demo. 

Minute to Win It basically stunk up in both total and 18-49 viewership. Second lowest episode for Minute next to 329,000 viewers on August 13th.

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  1. That is a big number for The Chase. I didn't think it would continue to see over 100,000 in 18-49 and if it does, GSN will be happy.

  2. Kind of odd that Chase does a pretty good number just as GSN drops it from the schedule. Bottom line, though, the show has to be a disappointment for the network. It's averaged just a little more than GSN's prime time average for its run (the network had a prime time average of 380K for August). I doubt that the network was looking for American Bible Challenge numbers, but they were probably hoping for an average in the 600K-700K range at least.

    On Game Show Newsnet right now there's a blurb that the show has "cemented its status as a hit for GSN." Sorry, guys, but the show hasn't even cemented its place on the GSN schedule.

  3. Just for the fun of it, I did the numbers. Chase's five prime time first runs (all in August) averaged 455K viewers. Not bad by the network's historical standards, but again, just a little better than GSN's 380K prime time average for the month. It's the revolution of rising expectations as GSN's general averages go up. Also, before the latest showing the track had been running in the wrong direction: 511K-461K-397K-401K.

    I can see why they're giving the show a rest and might try it again in a few months.

  4. More amateur analysis. The problem with the Chase is that it is so character based that it doesn't rerun well. However, GSN is very happy that it is drawing 100,000+ 18-29 viewers. It's not a hit, but it's not a disappointment either. And before you start attacking me and arguing, it has done better than I predicted it would. We'll see how it holds up.

  5. It's not like it's being "yanked" from the schedule. This episode coming up has been promoted on-air and social media as the season finale, so they have a plan for it. It's not like what they did with Beat the Chefs, when it just suddenly ran from the schedule with no notice. Why they're airing 6 instead of the 8, I don't know, but the decision is clearly pre-meditated and not a kneejerk reaction.

  6. Casey, I wouldn't consider 455,000 viewers for The Chase new runs throughout August just a little above the primetime average. 75,000 viewers is a huge difference for GSN.

  7. It's twenty percent above the prime time average. Is that more than just a little? I dunno, we can slice and dice words forever. One thing's for sure. The Chase came and went on the schedule really, really fast.

    Now GSN might have been influenced by the show's downward 511K-461K-397K-401K track before the recovery this week. They may have thought, gee, this looks like a 400K show at best, and we can get that with our run-of-the-mill prime time programming. Maybe we better yank it and retool in the (still in place, I hope) second season.

    And I almost fainted (well, not really) when JP wrote that a show on GSN was doing sort of well. I guess the chance to attack my "amateur analysis" was too good to pass up. He's trashing me on my own blog right now over some producer's comments, believe it or not.

    But what the hey, JP is always trashing me. Thing is, he's always trashing GSN, too. JP likes to tell the world how almost everything Goldhill touches turns to doo-doo. He's got a prepared list of failed GSN shows that he inserts into every other comment. Nice to see that he thinks The Chase is doing okay, or something close. I like the show, and I want it to do well.

  8. Oh, one other thing. In the week of August 11-18, only one week after The Chase debuted, the show's first-run already sank to 46th on the weekly list. (The repeats were way down the list, of course.)

    When your hot new show - which you renewed before its debut - falls that far that fast, it's natural for a bit of disappointment to set in. The recovery this week was nice, and I hope it persuades GSN not to give up on the show. But anybody at GSN who had their doubts about The Chase got some ammunition for their arguments pretty quick.