Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'The Chase' Season 2 Pictures

We hope everybody is having a good week. Right here smack in the middle of Season 1 of The Chase, the second season finished taping the eight episodes last week. Courtesy of The Chase USA Twitter Page, here are some pictures from the tapings:

Photo: Like to wish #TheBeast a very Happy Birthday!!!
Brooke Burns celebrating the birthday of "The Beast" Mark Labbett
Ever wanted to be on the crew? Here is your Pass!
A photoshoot from The Chase USA
Mark Labbett, "The Beast" staring in his own photoshoot/commercial


  1. Exclusive to GameShowNetworkNews

    Wow, even Buzzerblog does not have these specific ones

  2. These are all direct links from Facebook and Twitter. The URL clearly shows that. How on earth is that exclusive?