Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'The Chase' bounced effective Monday, September 9th

Besides a Tuesday afternoon rerun, GSN's newest quizzer-original The Chase, hosted by Brooke Burns will leave the schedule the week of September 9-15. You can check the advance schedules at GameShowFollies and Casey Abell's comment here.

Apolo Ohno-hosted Minute to Win It will air Tuesday nights at 8pm and 9pm (ET) in new runs (episodes 19 and 20 of Season 1). Minute to Win It reruns will also air Tuesday at 11pm and 12am, Fridays at 7pm and 10pm (Baggage from 8pm-10pm), Minute will air Saturday at 8pm and 9pm and Sunday at 6pm and 7pm.

The Chase was not doing too badly after all. The 18-49 demo suffered more than GSN expected, but it's GSN. What else is new? The Chase has had 511,000 viewers, 461,000 viewers, 397,000 viewers and 401,000 viewers for the first four episodes.


  1. I would think that since GSN has taped Season 2 that it'll air, but not for a while, maybe a few months?

  2. Two episodes of Season 1 were still left to air on 9/10 and 9/17.

    No more, for now

  3. I wonder if these episodes were like that of The Pyramid in that they weren't worth watching because it was terrible... in this case it might be all three getting caught and electing one to run the final chase and it didn't go anywhere. I doubt this is because of poor ratings, I mean, they already taped the shows so they would air them, especially if there was a lot of good and a big win from them.

  4. First, I didn't think GSN's Pyramid was terrible. It was just too much like the old Clark version, so people had a ho-hum reaction to it. Been there, done that. Something similar may be happening with Ohno's Minute To Win It, which is also a slavish copy of the original.

    I think the real explanation is simple: Chase hasn't lived up to GSN's expectations. The show's first-runs are basically pulling the network's prime time average, and the repeats are not holding up very well. I'm sure the network expected and wanted much more. That's why they renewed the show before it debuted. They didn't do that even with American Bible Challenge, which had much more media buzz and a far larger built-in audience in the U.S.

    Chase is a fine quizzer, IMO. But it's mainly a website darling (BuzzerBlog and Game Show Newsnet in particular) instead of a mass-appeal show in America. Not all Americans are as wild about Brit game shows as Alex Davis and Chico Alexander. For some obscure reason, GSN seemed to think we are.

    1. By Paragragh: 1) True; 2) Very True; 3) Yes (was kinda hoping The Chase would go a similar fate of Deal or No Deal)

      Also hearing a rumor but it's more of a theory that the final two episodes of The Chase (Season 1) will air on Tuesday, September 17th at 8pm & 9pm (ET), instead of Ohno Minute. If I hear more, I may write an article.