Thursday, August 22, 2013

Schedule Change (8/27) (8/23)

The GSN Online Schedule confirms the following:

On Tuesday, August 27th, Steve Harvey's Family Feud takes the 7pm hour back away from Ohno Minute to Win It. New runs of Minute to Win It have dropped significantly since Steve Harvey's Family Feud was not its lead-in, which was for the weeks of August 13th and 20th. Minute to Win It will still be new at 8pm, and The Chase at 9pm.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud is really what keeps primetime going.

As mentioned earlier, for Friday August 23th (tomorrow), Minute to Win It (Ohno) will keep the 7pm hour, but The Chase will fill the 8pm and 9pm hours, which replaced Baggage. Baggage can still be seen at 10pm & 10:30pm Friday nights.

*All times Eastern*


  1. I think these are both good moves for GSN. I never understood why M2WI took the hour before a premiere episode, Harvey Feud'll do better. Friday's good too, probably because Baggage is made for late night, not primetime, so pushing it back two hours is better. I'd put good money down that at least M2WI will pull up from the past two weeks, but I wouldn't bet on Friday nights... heck I wouldn't bet Friday nights would do hot with Harvey Feud in that block because... it's Friday.

    1. It's the Friday night Death Slot. Nothing has worked even moderately well since "Flashback Friday" was there in late 2011. They just need to acquire something new for Fridays, a game show, that is.

      Never got why Ohno MTWI took that extra hour either. Extremely dumb move on GSN's part.