Sunday, August 4, 2013

'Minute to Win It': A second season?

The new Apolo Ohno-hosted stunt show Minute to Win It finished up its sixth week of new episodes on Tuesday. Thirteen episodes have been shown already, including the May 23rd Sneak Peak, and the rest of the numbers are here:

Tuesday, June 25th:
8pm: 525K
9pm: 350K
Average: 438K

July 2nd:
8pm: 453K
9pm: 403K
Average: 428K

July 9th:
8pm: 423K
9pm: 396K
Average: 410K

July 16th:
8pm: 481K
9pm: 480K
Average: 481K

July 23rd:
8pm: 385K
9pm: 379K
Average: 382K

July 30th:
8pm: 445K
9pm: 389K
Average: 417K

8pm Average: 452K
9pm Average: 399K
Series Average: 426K

A GSN Original averaging 426,000 viewers in its first six weeks may sound like good numbers, but you also have to consider that Ohno Minute to Win It typically fails to crack the top 10 in viewership for the week, and even some weeks has failed to get a slot above the top 25.

Compare the first six weeks of Minute to Win It to The Newlywed Game last Fall, in the same time slot only on Thursday nights:

Newlywed Game Season 6:
October 25: 312K
November 1: 279K
November 8: 393K
November 15: 285K
November 22: 280K
November 29: 338K
Average: 315,000 viewers

Minute to Win It would get a second season based on these numbers, but Season 1 of GSN Minute to Win It was much more expense to produce than 65 episodes of The Newlywed Game. How about The Pyramid, another GSN game show revival:

The Pyramid first six weeks:
September 3-7: 519K
September 10-14: 329K
September 17-21: 344K
September 24-28: 341K
October 1-5: 314K
October 8-12: 279K
Average: 354,000 viewers

The Pyramid started out very well, and fell weeks after to averages much below what Minute to Win It has been doing. Still, The Pyramid was cheaper to produce than Minute to Win It.

Second Season: I say No. The numbers for Minute to Win It are not enough for a renewal. The valued 18-49 numbers have not been spectacular, but better than normal for GSN standards. Sure, Minute to Win It is the youngest skewing show on the network and may help lower GSN's ancient median viewer age, which is over 65. From here and on, GSN may just depend of reruns of Minute to Win It to deliver about the same numbers as a new episode would do. After all, some Ohno Minute to Win It reruns have done better than the Tuesday new runs.


  1. This is a tough call because, not only the expensive production costs, but also because the overall numbers, even the premiere numbers, are seemingly worthy of a second season and very respectable. I would say if the overall average goes up, and would finish around 450k, then GSN might pick up a second season, however, it could be reduced to eight more shows, and go from there. I see what you're saying about reruns because 40 shows is a lot no matter how the shows do. In relativity, it would take Bible and The Chase five seasons to reach the same count as Minute, so why not. It's definitely a waiting game for now, but if the numbers for Minute stay the same, and I had to make the choice, I would wait and rerun the first season on Tuesday, see how they do for a few months, and get a second season if it seems just right, give it enough wait to allow the audience to make watching the new shows more worth watching. It appears that GSN may be doing that with Bible, not just because of Minute and The Chase, but also because it allows the large Bible audience, and some more, to make watching a new season worth while because it's been a while. Anyway, my choice would be not to renew it immediately, provided the numbers don't go up a lot, and give the 40 reruns a shot and see how they do, then evaluate and see if it's worth it. Also, The Chase and Bible may affect the future of GSN's Minute.

  2. I would think the numbers for MTWI (Tuesday) go up with 'The Chase' hype, but who knows yet.

    It does depend on how The Chase does, plus we already know how Bible did. If The Chase manages to blow the numbers out and get 700,000 to 800,000 viewers an episodes, then do not count on a second season for MTWI. If The Chase gets numbers are 400,000 to 500,000 viewers, which I expect, then MTWI has a better chance of survival.

    Thought: After September 17th when The Chase Season 1 ends, GSN still has 20 new MTWI episodes. Maybe they'll count them as a "Second Season", depending on when they air.