Sunday, August 4, 2013

'Minute to Win It' Episode 12 recap.

Airdate: 7/30/13 9PM

Team 5-Year Itch currently has one life remaining and is guaranteed a $10,000 minimum.

Level 7 ($25,000): Caddy Stack: One contestant must stack three golfs balls and must remaining standing for three seconds.

Diana plays. She completes the task in 23 seconds.

Team 5-Year Itch is guaranteed $25,000.

Level 8 ($50,000): Frankenstein: One player must use their arms to pick up three yardsticks balanced with batteries on each end and carry them around the circle.

Diana plays. She completes Frankenstein in 59 seconds.

Level 9 ($100,000): Uphill Battle: One player must use the back of a spoon as a flipper to keep three marbles on a table for sixty seconds.

Diana plays. She fails to complete Uphill Battle at :55 remaining. 

Team 5-Year Itch has zero lives remaining.

Team 5-Year Itch leaves with the guaranteed $25,000.

Team Double Trouble: Abby and Emily wish to raise money to buy a new house.

Level 1 ($1,000): Mad Dog: Contestants play as a team. One player must shake a bar with their teeth with two pill bottles at each end of the bar. The second must repeat the process.

Together Team Double Trouble finishes in 43 seconds.

Team Double Trouble is guaranteed $1,000.

Level 2 ($2,000): Knock It Off: One contestant must use a lasso-ing skill to knock down plastic cups outside the circle while standing in the middle of the circle. Must be done three times.

Emily plays. She fails to complete Knock It Off.

Team Double Trouble has two lives remaining.

Knock It Off (2): Emily plays. She completes the task in 43 seconds.

Level 3 ($3,000): Ruler of the World: One contestant must balance a marble on a ruler to get the marble in the hole at the end of the ruler. The marble is allowed to drop.

Emily plays. She fails to complete Ruler of the World. Team Double Trouble has one life remaining.

Ruler of the World (2): Abby plays. She fails to complete Ruler of the World in 60 seconds.

Team Double Trouble has zero lives remaining.

Team Double Trouble leaves with $1,000.

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