Saturday, August 10, 2013

'Minute to Win It' cash amounts: The facts

Minute to Win It has been romping and stomping on GSN, especially this past week in the ratings, which gave GSN the highest rated episode of Minute to Win It yet, whether if it was the Ohno or Fieri version.

Minute to Win It has been one of the more expensive originals to produce. Sure, GSN can probably afford it now with their success of better ratings from Family Feud and American Bible Challenge. Here are the numbers:

Episode 1: $10,000
Episode 2: $25,000
Episode 3: $10,000
Episode 4: $10,000
Episode 5: $10,000
Episode 6: $10,000
Episode 7: $10,000
Episode 8: $2,000
Episode 9: $1,000
Episode 10: $11,000
Episode 11: $0
Episode 12: $26,000
Episode 13: $50,000
Total: $175,000
Average: $13,500/an episode

Compared to originals since 2010:

1 vs 100: Cheaper: Contestants or the mob would only walk away with two, three or five thousand dollars an episode. A few episodes had $10,000 and one woman won $25,000.

American Bible Challenge: More Expensive: $27,500 an episode, $100,000 in finale.

Baggage: Much Cheaper: Only a date given away, if a couple was matched. Probably cost the network ~$50. Springer was the biggest expense of that show.

Beat the Chefs: More Expensive: Only $25,000 won if the family won and chefs lost. About half the families won, therefore Chefs averaged to $25,000 an episode.

Catch 21: Much Cheaper: The max the show could give out an episode was $26,000, which only occurred approximately once every 15 episodes.

Lingo (Engvall): Cheaper: Gave out $100K twice, otherwise contestants averaged no more than $8,000. Some were as low as $2,000, a few close to $20,000.

Love Triangle: Much Cheaper: Simple date given away every episode. Probably cost the network ~$100.

Newlywed Game: Much Cheaper: A second honeymoon which costs the network a couple thousand dollars, or less since the place was advertised every episode. The show and set got cheaper as time went along.

The Chase: Toss Up: While The Chase could give away a substantial amount of money if a team beats The Beast, The Chase could also have several episodes where $0 will be given away.

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