Tuesday, August 13, 2013

'Minute to Win It' and 'The Chase' tonight

Tonight, August 13th, the third episode of The Chase premieres where The Beast, Mark Labbett will have to face a Mensa Member, along with two other contestants who could beat The Beast and take all the money.

Before The Chase, do not forget about Minute to Win It where Team Salsa Sisters will face the $250,000 Grand Prize.

A rerun from June of Apolo Ohno Minute to Win It will air at 7pm (ET). An all new Minute to Win It will air at 8pm (ET), and a New episode of The Chase at 9pm (ET). The New episodes will rerun from 11pm to 1am (ET)/8pm to 10pm (PT) between Steve Harvey Family Feud.


  1. Mensa member? Yeah, just watch. They must be lowering the admission requirements.

  2. It's what the advance schedule said. Am I wrong?

    Or is it a dumb mensa member. I get the hint ;)