Thursday, August 15, 2013

GSN and Facebook, Twitter

Happened to swing by the GSN Facebook (which now has an impressive 50,000 'Likes') and Twitter pages. Found a lot of interesting posts to note from mainly fans, and some haters.

The haters continue to trash GSN on how much Family Feud they're showing, which I haven't seen this much dislike with the network since Dancing with the Stars aired, even though the numbers are just fine for Family Feud. Some other folks wish to have more classics on the network.

One person:
 I'll pay to sponsor my own damn show if you'll take off that insipid
block of Family Freaking Fued. 


Recent requests for new shows to the network (on both networking sites) have been Hollywood Squares, Louie Anderson's Family Feud and "Half-Hour" 5th Grader.

Well, I highly doubt Anderson Feud will make it to the network, plus the poster said in the same tweet that Anderson Feud should replace the "awful John O'Hurley Feud". I could see Syndicated 5th Grader and (Davidson) Hollywood Squares coming to the network.

A lot of the Social Media audience appears to like Minute to Win It and The Chase. A few complained how they got questions right and The Beast did not, while others complain about how many times The Chase reran in one week.

These are also fun to point out:

On Facebook:
Wow watching The Pyramid and I do not think I have ever seen such bad This is too funny!
On the other hand, Minute to Win it, will you PLEASE tell Apollo Ohno to stop saying "Every Second Counts"? It's not necessary and reminds me of a much better game show hosted by Bill Rafferty

On Twitter:
Haha gsn is the best. Carlton hosts a show and everyone just wants him to do the dance

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