Monday, August 5, 2013

Don't Judge the 34 Seconds

An article on Buzzerblog features an exclusive look at GSN's The Chase, which premieres tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern. A lot of individuals commenting seem to base what eight full episodes of The Chase will be like based on a 34 second clip.

A few comments read:
I do miss all the sounds though, unless this is a "raw" video

If these are the best 34 seconds from the show, I most certainly will NOT support it. It's just so boring and bland-looking, especially compared to the original. Gosh I hope this isn't the best of it.

If this is the best, it's going to be hard to get behind. I'd love for some excitement from the players, host, Beast, etc., and some inspired questions. Of course music and graphics are ancillary, but if you've got it, why not flaunt it?

A few of these comments must come from overseas, or at least hard-core UK The Chase fans. I highly doubt if those were the best 34 seconds that GSN would expose them now.

I must also note, I've never seen even a glimpse of the UK version.

34 Seconds is way to little to base eight full episodes about. I'd watch Tuesday night.


  1. GSN is asking you to do exactly what people are doing. They want people to judge the show in 34 seconds. That's why they leaked it. They're not going to release 34 seconds of horrible and boring stuff. Although, from the look of it, maybe they did. You also have to ask yourself why is GSN leaking things to you and Alex, especially with restrictions. They won't send me anything. Of course you should watch an entire episode before really deciding if you think it's any good. But GSN is leaking this stuff because they think it'll get you to watch.

    1. maybe you shouldn't leak everything you get your goddamn hands on.

  2. The only difference between Alex and myself getting clips from GSN is they send him one 34-second clip and I get 14 mins of a random episode without approval of posting to the public. (which also happened with Bible Challenge season 2 in March)

    I will watch an entire episode, tomorrow.

  3. Hey, let's relax now and not get hasty. Who knows if this is entire or raw, or otherwise, we've anticipated this show for how long now, so keep your panties in a bunch for another 29 hours and just watch the show, nothing to fight over just yet. GSN is providing some stuff for some people, let's be fortunate that they get it and that we can see a bit. Cheers!