Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chasing the ratings

GSN's The Chase premiered Tuesday night and delivered enough of an audience to keep network execs happy. The whole night from 8-11pm averaged 523,000 viewers, which Steve Harvey's Family Feud has also done recently on Wednesdays from 8-11pm.

I really did think The Chase could have done a little better, somewhere above 600,000 viewers. When episodes of Steve Harvey's Family Feud can do much better than 511,000 viewers in the 9pm hour the next night, which may not have rerun abuse but has overexposure, then why can't a fresh format like The Chase do well? Even Minute to Win It which has aired on GSN for six weeks now and has a been-there-done-that format from the NBC version does better. But, the press release shows that GSN is happy.

My opinion of the show is similar to American Bible Challenge. The Chase has a fresh format, completely new to America (while Bible is just New). The set looks great, and the host, Brooke Burns, fits into the show very well. Mark Labbett is great, while his banter may not be as much as it is on the UK version, I've heard. The cash amounts are good, with one team winning the highest cash amount ever won on GSN, $180,000.

No complaints for The Chase, I must say. For a GSN original, that's a first, for me.

From hear on, I could see The Chase retaining more of an audience than American Bible Challenge did last August (where Bible Episode #1 to #2 dropped 50%). The Chase reverts to a solo 9pm slot through September 17th. The Chase does go up against America's Got Talent, Summer's #1 Show since ~2006. That can not help.

The episode of Minute to Win It which garnered 596,000 viewers was the highest rated episode for the NBC or GSN version to air on GSN.

Recaps for The Chase will be available over the weekend, as well as Minute to Win It Episode 13.

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