Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A few updates....

Source: Douglas Pucci/SonoftheBronx

The Chase last night delievered 397,000 viewers last night (Aug. 13), 141K in the 18-49 demographic. The total viewership declined 22% from 511,000 viewers on August 6th, its premiere.

Apolo Ohno-hosted Minute to Win It at 8pm recieved 329,000 total viewers, down 45% from last week's record high of 596,000 viewers. The 18-49 demo for Minute was 75K.

The 11pm rerun of Minute to Win It actually fared better than the 8pm new run with 371,000 total viewers and 98K in the 18-49.

Besides the ratings from last night, GSN has green-lit 40 half-hour episodes of Mind of a Man, a quizzer in which women are asked questions on what men are really thinking based on a survey. Of all the shows that have been proposed, Mind of a Man has had the most development, but was never piloted where dating series Where Have You Been All My Life with Brooke Burns in March.

Hey, at least this is a game show. Mind of a Man appears to be a mix of Family Feud, Baggage and even Match Game (celebrity panel), three shows that have really produced for the network.

Mind of a Man is expected to premiere by the end of 2013. Best of luck to GSN.


  1. The numbers are falling, but GSN is still having a greengasm over the delivery in the 18-49 demo for The Chase. That's all that really matters, not the total number of viewers. But why are they doing Mind of a Man? There have been all kinds of shows like this, they never work, and it's nothing at all like shows Bible Challenge or The Chase. Why don't they stick to what their audience says they'll watch? Before everyone gets all excited, remember Without Prejudice? That show had enormous ratings its first few weeks, close to double those of The Chase. And now it's all a distant memory.

    1. 18-49 demos are important everywhere nowadays. If it was Based on the August 13th 18-49 ratings, The Chase would be renewed for a third season and Ohno MTWI would be banished to 3am weekends.

      Mind of a Man I have seen coming for some time now. It's the one show from the April upfronts that looked like would have the general audience's interest and the execs interst to produces episodes, unlike "You Don't Know What You're Missing", etc.

      I'll wait and see, but I expect good (enough) things.