Monday, August 19, 2013

A few notes...

GSN, during the week of August 5-11, 2013, had one of it's highest rated weeks ever. Looking at the ratings for that week, there are a few standout slots:

179FAMILY FEUDSat4:00PM- 4:30PM300.2222
119FAMILY FEUDSat4:30PM- 5:00PM300.2304
77FAMILY FEUDSat5:00PM- 5:30PM300.2362
11FAMILY FEUDSat5:30PM- 6:00PM300.3521

Adding Family Feud to Saturday afternoons may have been a great idea. Even after falling from it's lead-in Dog Eat Dog (290K at 3pm), the Karn and O'Hurley 2-hours still averaged 352,000 viewers, with that 5:30pm airing standing out among all the Harvey's.

Steve Harvey's Feud averaged 403,000 viewers from 6-8pm.

150PRESS YOUR LUCKWed9:30AM-10:00AM300.2265
132SUPER PASSWORDWed11:00AM-11:30AM300.2284
145$100,000 PYRAMIDWed11:30AM-12:00PM300.2270

Classics had a pretty good day Wednesday, with these three being the highest rated of the week. Notice how $100,000 Pyramid has risen fairly at 11:30am, where Lingo was taken out. Looks like GSN found a near-perfect fit.

*Speaking of daytime, 5th Grader had a great performance on Wednesday coming in 34th for the week with 440,000 viewers in its solo 1pm slot.

*Family Feud (Karn) is the new standout of early daytime. With a 263,000 viewership average in the noon hour, something that Classic Pyramid never did, Karn Feud had two airings right below 400,000 viewers at 12:30pm (393K Fri; 368K Wed)

*Karn Feud also lit up late afternoons with a late 2012/2013 high of 406,000 viewers in the 4pm hour, and 421,000 viewers at 4:30pm Monday through Friday. One episode had 507,000 viewers.

*Love Triangle also hasn't bombed by weekend morning standards, 191K and 170K. A drop from Whammy! but not below-100K numbers like some anticipated.

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