Monday, July 1, 2013

'The Chase' Season 2: Facts and Opinions

We've all heard that GSN has renewed The Chase for a second season via press release, Deadline and their casting page. At that casting page has this information:

July (Date TBA): Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, July 13th: Boston and Seattle
Saturday, July 20th: San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul

These are somewhat not similar to the previous casting cities for the first season, which were L.A., Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Washington DC. The Chase will go through the same processes of casting, and anyone who applied for the first season may try out again.

Opinion: Surprising to hear around, then confirmed that The Chase was renewed already, without an episode aired. The Variety article notes that this has happened very few times before with television, only on Starz and most recently online with Netflix.

I want to see The Chase work for GSN, without a doubt. I don't even want to see something like Minute to Win It fail, which is not produced as well as The Chase.

My guess is that the new runs of season 1 of The Chase will end September 16th, at the conclusion of the current eight episodes, and new episodes will premiere at the end of October, possibly alongside The Impostor or another new original.

GSN does have a very good production going, and all the ingredients for the show to become a hit.

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