Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The British are Coming

To GSN, that is.

An article from the Toledo Free Press online discusses the upcoming quizzer The Chase, which premieres August 6th at 9pm. The article also goes off topic and discusses Game Show Network in the past and now:

Things were better over on the cable staple Game Show Network, where the channel came loaded with reruns of classic programs, which by and large were just as fun to watch as they ever were. “Password,” “Match Game,” “Press Your Luck,” “The Price is Right,” “The $100,000 Pyramid” and on and on;

Better off for hard-core classic fans, but the truth is, the audience for all those shows are dying. Classic fans are lucky to have four hours a morning now.

...not to mention a slew of lesser-known titles and original programming which was actually interesting, with games like “Russian Roulette,” “Friend or Foe,” the original “Lingo” and the underrated “Cram.”

Lingo has run its course, at least the Woolery episodes have. We still have reruns of Catch 21, Chain Reaction, Whammy! and The Pyramid to substitute for the ones above.

Things are even worse over on GSN...

Right off, GSN just had one of their best quarters ever with ratings.

While its days of wasting airtime with reality shows have more or less passed,

No and No. Oh, see Dance Rivals too.

...all the classic games get confined to a block in the morning hours, while prime time is dedicated to nearly endless reruns of the modern “Family Feud” (and hey, I love Steve Harvey, but 40 showings a week or so may be overkill).

1) Classics were extended to 1pm recently, for nine months, and that noon hour didn't do so hot. It somehow lasted nine months.

2) Try 66 a week for Harvey, 108 total for "Modern" Family Feud.

The channel’s original programming is basically limited to a reboot of “Minute to Win It” and “The American Bible Challenge,”

To be honest, they're better off with two or three on their production slate rather than trying to produce and advertise five or six at once.

...and “The American Bible Challenge,” which may be an uplifting experience for the faithful, but at its core is pretty lousy as a game show.


The rest of the article discusses The Chase, and how closely/not it is to the British version. This article, from a minor news media that I've barely heard of, is pretty inaccurate. And I'm sorry.


  1. What's not accurate about it? GSN originals have been lousy for years now. That's about all the article says. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

    1. I don't consider their original department lousy, but of course it's not perfect. Sure, big or small crashes have been Late Night Liars, Unstapled, 1 vs 100, Improv, Love Triangle, Beat the Chefs, The Pyramid and Family Trade, butshows like Catch 21, Newlywed Game, Baggage and American Bible Challenge lasted. Sure, it's an 8:4 or 2:1 fail to success ratio, but that's the way with a lot of mid-level cable networks.

      Most of the 'inaccuracy' is opinion-based, but the writer seems like a pre-1990's fanatic.

    2. Catch 21 and Newlywed Game were modest successes. You forgot Instant Recall, the Game Show Awards, 20Q, The Money List, Hidden Agenda, Love Triangle, Unstapled, How Much Is Enough, the complete destruction of the High Stakes Poker franchise, Big Saturday Night, and others. These are some of the most expensive flops in GSN history.

    3. Right: Modest successes. Never that high in ratings but GSN managed to get four, six seasons from Catch 21 and Newlywed Game.

      Right: More, forgettable failures. It's why I forgot them ;)

  2. Bible is by far not lousy. It's an entertaining program. It's very positive and everyone watches it.