Monday, July 29, 2013

Ratings from Schedule Changes (July 15-21)

There were a number of schedule changes which were placed into effect the week of July 15-21. Ratings came in for that week, and here's how the changes shaped out compared to previous weeks.

158SUPER PASSWORDThu9:00AM- 9:30AM300.2218
212SUPER PASSWORDFri9:00AM- 9:30AM300.1158
223SUPER PASSWORDWed9:00AM- 9:30AM300.1136
224SUPER PASSWORDMon9:00AM- 9:30AM300.1135
242SUPER PASSWORDTue9:00AM- 9:30AM300.1101

Super Password produced an average of 150,000 viewers with a pretty impressive high of 218K. In the past two weeks, Press Your Luck did do better with 177K and 201K weekly averages.

173PRESS YOUR LUCKMon9:30AM-10:00AM300.1206
182PRESS YOUR LUCKFri9:30AM-10:00AM300.2196
197PRESS YOUR LUCKThu9:30AM-10:00AM300.2181
200PRESS YOUR LUCKWed9:30AM-10:00AM300.1179
219PRESS YOUR LUCKTue9:30AM-10:00AM300.1149

Press Your Luck averaged 182,000 viewers in its new slot. For the previous six weeks since June 3rd at 9am, Press Your Luck averaged 174K. Sale of the Century at 9:30am had averaged 169,000 viewers at 9:30am.

152SALE OF THE CENTURYFri10:00AM-10:30AM300.2226
162SALE OF THE CENTURYMon10:00AM-10:30AM300.2217
182SALE OF THE CENTURYThu10:00AM-10:30AM300.2196
195SALE OF THE CENTURYWed10:00AM-10:30AM300.1182
199SALE OF THE CENTURYTue10:00AM-10:30AM300.1180

Sale of the Century averaged 200,000 viewers, an average it had never seen at 9:30am. The $100,000 Pyramid had only seen a 200K+ average or more once in the past seven weeks.

151$100,000 PYRAMIDFri11:30AM-12:00PM300.2227
186$100,000 PYRAMIDThu11:30AM-12:00PM300.2195
206$100,000 PYRAMIDWed11:30AM-12:00PM300.1167
208$100,000 PYRAMIDMon11:30AM-12:00PM300.1166
227$100,000 PYRAMIDTue11:30AM-12:00PM300.1132

The $100,000 Pyramid averaged 177,000 viewers, compared to Woolery Lingo for the past six weeks averaging 163K.

106FAMILY FEUDThu12:30PM- 1:00PM300.2276
115FAMILY FEUDFri12:30PM- 1:00PM300.2260
181FAMILY FEUDTue12:30PM- 1:00PM300.1197
182FAMILY FEUDFri12:00PM-12:30PM300.1196
201FAMILY FEUDThu12:00PM-12:30PM300.1176
204FAMILY FEUDMon12:30PM- 1:00PM300.1173
217FAMILY FEUDWed12:30PM- 1:00PM300.1154
220FAMILY FEUDTue12:00PM-12:30PM300.1148
222FAMILY FEUDMon12:00PM-12:30PM300.1141
235FAMILY FEUDWed12:00PM-12:30PM300.1124

Richard Karn Family Feud in its first week averaged 185,000 viewers in the noon hour, while the previous two weeks for the classic Pyramid hour averaged 212K at 180K.

57THE PYRAMID (RICHARDS)Wed2:30PM- 3:00PM300.3352
59THE PYRAMID (RICHARDS)Thu2:30PM- 3:00PM300.2346
71THE PYRAMID (RICHARDS)Fri2:30PM- 3:00PM300.2318
126THE PYRAMID (RICHARDS)Mon2:30PM- 3:00PM300.2254
142THE PYRAMID (RICHARDS)Tue2:30PM- 3:00PM300.2233

The Pyramid averaged 301,000 viewers at 2:30pm, which all the 2:30pm airings did much better than the weekend slots. Engvall Lingo had typically done slightly better than this.

80CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Mon8:00PM- 8:30PM300.2305
141CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Mon8:30PM- 9:00PM300.2237
178CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Mon9:00PM- 9:30PM300.1201
166CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Mon9:30PM-10:00PM300.1212

Chain Reaction averaged 239,000 viewers on Monday night which hurt Karn Feud it seems, which averaged 260,000 viewers from 7-8pm and 10-11pm. Chain Reaction appeared to only drop throughout the night. O'Hurley Feud in the past three weeks averaged 411K, 366K and 433K on June 24th, July 1st and July 8th.

109CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Fri8:00PM- 8:30PM300.2272
97CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Fri8:30PM- 9:00PM300.2287
101CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Fri9:00PM- 9:30PM300.2285
144CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Fri9:30PM-10:00PM300.1232

Chain Reaction also took a bit of a nosedive on Friday night, but averaged 269,000 viewers from 8-10pm. In the previous six weeks, Baggage had averaged 188,000 viewers in the same timeslot.

172LOVE TRIANGLESat10:30AM-11:00AM300.1207
247LOVE TRIANGLESun10:30AM-11:00AM300.178

Hey, not horrible. Both days Love Triangle dropped about a quarter of the audience from Whammy!, and was lower than the usual Chain Reaction numbers, but still not horrible looking at the weekend morning numbers.

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