Friday, July 12, 2013

'Pyramid' still on schedule?

From the good old forum board

A poster still wonders why The Pyramid, GSN's one-season revival last Fall is still on the schedule:

I am really surprised that GSN's Pyramid is still on the schedule, even after being pulled after 1 season. It still is retaining the noon (ET) hour Sunday, will be getting the 2:30P (ET) slot Monday-Friday starting next week, and is somehow still retaining the 2A (ET) hour Sunday latenights. What's with Pyramid getting all these slots when it's been out of production for close to a year? Thoughts?

Well, I'm not surprised. GSN has been burning through 40 episodes of Lingo for two years, which up until Fall 2012 aired 2 or more times a weekday. Now, 130 episodes of Chain Reaction have been on the schedule for the past six years, and now the show is [apparently] capable of primetime runs, twice a week. Then there is Whammy!...

I'm not really surprised. Whammy! has not produced a new episode in 10 years and still has four slots on weekends. 

I'm sure that will sneak its way to more schedule spots. Whammy! was on weekdays 1-2 years ago for a year. Whammy!, weekend mornings can see ratings well above 200,000 viewers. This past weekWhammy! had 266,000 viewers Saturday morning at 10am. Not horrible at all.

 It did well enough to retain staying in reruns, just like say, Engvall Lingo. I don't know how well it will do Monday - Friday at 2:30pm but this is probably an "experiment" since they got rid of the additional hour of Classic Pyramid at Noon and they want to try recent Pyramid in the afternoon.

I would not call The Pyramid at 2:30pm weekdays an experiment, but I do see your point.

Note: Last Fall The Pyramid did not do too well at 3pm, and only lasted in that spot for ~6 weeks.

That's the least we could say about Lingo. And Engvall only produced 40 episodes, did well for 2:30pm I believe, and some of the words I could still remember, hard to believe I still like the show.

Engvall Lingo the week of July 1-7 averaged 334,000 viewers, Monday-Friday at 2:30pm, the highest rated show from 8am-3pm. Since Engvall's return in December, his version of Lingo has averaged 305,000 viewers, with one or two episodes some weeks at or above 400,000 viewers.

GSN should put Woolery on weekends, I think. If they have Whammy, they could fit Woolery in with it. Makes sense to me than say, Love Triangle. Maybe in the future an Engvall slot or two on weekends, but maybe he just needs a break for now. Fantasy scheduling, but I still can't get over the whole Love Trainwreck coming back to the schedule.

Woolery needs a break. It's a good thought, but no. Love Triangle is not the best choice, but it's refreshing. Love Triangle may not do as well as Chain Reaction, but I also doubt it will bomb-out. Hey, if Love Triangle produces decent numbers, you may see it pop up in latenights after Baggage. *Hint*.

The Pyramid continues to garner decent ratings on weekends, 168K at 12pm Sunday and 141K at 12:30pm, and that is the lowest its been in weeks. Late night Sunday, The Pyramid averaged 230,000 viewers.

To end this: If GSN has zero problems with reruns 40 episodes of Engvall Lingo, they'll have no problem with rerunning The Pyramid. It's just that Engvall Lingo never went stale when it came to ratings.

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